The Elba leather collection has an undeniable regal feel and enough versatility to suit all needs, whatever size, shape or colour you want. The ultimate expression of elegance, the undeniably sophisticated style of Elba and the luxurious leather finishes work so well together to create a look that manages to feel both contemporary and timeless all at once.

There’s no denying the quality here, from the handsome ribbed design backs to the slightly splayed high arms and modern sofa legs. Plus, with a choice of generously sized sofas, inviting chairs and matching footstools, this range provides a gorgeous signature piece for even the most stylish of interior spaces.

Elba - 3 Seat Sofa In LeatherElba - 3 Seat Sofa In Leather
C2230 CharcoalC404 KontikiC2220 Pearl Grey
£1449.00 was £2075.00
Elba - 2 Seat Sofa In LeatherElba - 2 Seat Sofa In Leather
C5800 St MoritzC404 KontikiC2210 Espresso
£1249.00 was £1785.00

Elba - 3 Seat Sofa In FabricElba - 3 Seat Sofa In Fabric
£899.00 was £1299.00

Elba - Chair  In LeatherElba - Chair  In Leather
C1190 CappuchinoC2220 Pearl GreyC2230 Charcoal
£899.00 was £1305.00

Elba - 2 Seat Sofa In FabricElba - 2 Seat Sofa In Fabric
£749.00 was £1089.00
Elba - Chair  In FabricElba - Chair  In Fabric
£549.00 was £785.00

Elba - Footstool In LeatherElba - Footstool In Leather
C1190 CappuchinoC2220 Pearl GreyC404 Kontiki
£399.00 was £575.00
Elba - Footstool In FabricElba - Footstool In Fabric
£299.00 was £435.00