The sophisticated Cooper sofa collection is a welcome addition to any living room. Combining grand contemporary style with luxurious comfort, deep seat cushions and thick armrests, these fabric sofas effortlessly balance laid-back relaxation with eye-catching cool. This sofa range has plenty of splendid sizes to amplify your space, like a Snuggler Chair or a 3 seat sofa. Uncover this sofa collection for endless days in polished cosiness. 

4 Seat Sofa - Cooper4 Seat Sofa - Cooper NEW
Alessia F0967/06 OliveAlessia F0967/02 EspressoAlessia F0967/09 Stone
£1199.00 was £1,505.00
3 Seat Sofa - Cooper3 Seat Sofa - Cooper
Plush JetPlush HunterAlessia F0967/06 Olive
£1099.00 was £1,375.00

2 Seat Sofa - Cooper2 Seat Sofa - Cooper
Plush SlatePlush MolePlush Mallard
£999.00 was £1,249.00

Large End LHF Arm - CooperLarge End LHF Arm - Cooper
Plush SilverAlessia F0967/12 GoldPlush Airforce
£999.00 was £1,249.00

Large End RHF Arm - CooperLarge End RHF Arm - Cooper
Alessia F0967/03 HeatherPlush SlatePlush Platinum
£999.00 was £1,249.00
Corner - CooperCorner - Cooper
Plush JetAlessia F0967/06 OlivePlush Hunter
£769.00 was £965.00

Chair - CooperChair - Cooper
Plush TurermicAlessia F0967/11 TealAlessia F0967/09 Stone
£759.00 was £959.00
Small End LHF Arm - CooperSmall End LHF Arm - Cooper
Plush AirforceAlessia F0967/08 SmokeAlessia F0967/06 Olive
£729.00 was £915.00

Small End RHF Arm - CooperSmall End RHF Arm - Cooper
Plush BrinjalPlush TealPlush Mole
£729.00 was £915.00

Armless Unit - CooperArmless Unit - Cooper
Alessia F0967/11 TealPlush IndigoAlessia F0967/03 Heather
£569.00 was £719.00