The stunning Cirrus corner sofa collection will make for a luxuriously-stylish addition to any living room. Handmade in the UK and available in a wide range of premium fabrics, the Cirrus is not only a corner unit, it also comes as a standard and large sofa – and has a matching armchair. This range is completely customisable; choose your desired body fabric from 13 different colours, and you can even select the pattern of your co-ordinating scatter cushions to complete the designer look.

Combi Unit RHF - CirrusCombi Unit RHF - Cirrus
Barona LimePiero TangerineLumino Turquoise
£2249.00 was £2,649.00
Combi Unit LHF - CirrusCombi Unit LHF - Cirrus
Lumino TurquoisePlush Tumeric VelvetLumino Old Rose
£2249.00 was £2,649.00

Large Chaise Sofa RHF - CirrusLarge Chaise Sofa RHF - Cirrus
Lumino Old RoseLumino TurquoiseBarona Teal
£1949.00 was £2,315.00

Large Chaise Sofa LHF - CirrusLarge Chaise Sofa LHF - Cirrus
Barona Anchor GreyBarona LimeLumino Charcoal Velvet
£1949.00 was £2,315.00

Small Chaise Sofa LHF - CirrusSmall Chaise Sofa LHF - Cirrus
Plush Paprika VelvetBarona NaturalLumino Mineral
£1899.00 was £2,259.00
Small Chaise Sofa RHF - CirrusSmall Chaise Sofa RHF - Cirrus
Lumino Teal VelvetPiero SunflowerBarona Anchor Grey
£1899.00 was £2,259.00

Large Sofa - CirrusLarge Sofa - Cirrus
Piero TangerineLumino Charcoal VelvetPiero Sunflower
£1349.00 was £1,589.00
Small Sofa - CirrusSmall Sofa - Cirrus
Piero SunflowerPlush Tumeric VelvetLumino Turquoise
£1219.00 was £1,435.00

1 Arm Large Sofa LHF Arm - Cirrus1 Arm Large Sofa LHF Arm - Cirrus
Barona NaturalBentley SilverBarona Teal
£1179.00 was £1,389.00

1 Arm Large Sofa RHF Arm - Cirrus1 Arm Large Sofa RHF Arm - Cirrus
Plush Paprika VelvetPlush Tumeric VelvetLumino Mink
£1179.00 was £1,389.00

1 Arm Small Sofa LHF Arm - Cirrus1 Arm Small Sofa LHF Arm - Cirrus
Bentley NaturalLumino TurquoisePlush Tumeric Velvet
£1119.00 was £1,325.00
1 Arm Small Sofa RHF Arm - Cirrus1 Arm Small Sofa RHF Arm - Cirrus
Plush Tumeric VelvetBarona SilverLumino Silver
£1119.00 was £1,325.00

Cuddler Swivel - CirrusCuddler Swivel - Cirrus
Bentley SilverLumino Charcoal VelvetPlush Slate
£955.00 was £1,125.00
Corner Box - CirrusCorner Box - Cirrus
Piero TealLumino MinkLumino Platinum Velvet
£729.00 was £869.00

Armchair - CirrusArmchair - Cirrus
Plush Paprika VelvetLumino MineralPlush Indigo
£699.00 was £829.00

Armless Unit - CirrusArmless Unit - Cirrus
Lumino Old RoseBarona SkyLumino Turquoise
£669.00 was £795.00

Combi Stool - CirrusCombi Stool - Cirrus
Barona NaturalBentley SilverLumino Mineral
£419.00 was £495.00