Animal Elegance

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Gold - Deco Gorilla Extra LargeGold - Deco Gorilla Extra Large IN STOCK
£549.00 was £770.00

Gold - Sphinx Cat IN STOCK
£195.00 was £300.00

Zebra Head Sculpture GoldZebra Head Sculpture Gold
£165.00 was £230.00

Bronze - Masai Lion Sculpture IN STOCK
£150.00 was £249.00
Gold - Saadani Elephant Head
£149.00 was £250.00

Reindeer Candle Holder Gold IN STOCK
£149.00 was £230.00
Black & Gold - Monkeys Set Of 3
£119.00 was £170.00

Norbert Nutcracker GoldNorbert Nutcracker Gold IN STOCK
£119.00 was £160.00

Festive 3 Candle Holder Dec Piece IN STOCK
LED Birch Tree 560 Light IN STOCK
£49.00 was £100.00

Standing Father Christmas With Lights IN STOCK

Mrs Moose Standing IN STOCK
£29.99 was £60.00

LED Lantern Black IN STOCK
£25.00 was £35.00

Mummy Polar Bear Standing With Hat IN STOCK
Lit Tree With Sequins Champagne Set of 2Lit Tree With Sequins Champagne Set of 2 IN STOCK

Golden Hungry Monkey In Glass Dome IN STOCK
Wreath Pinecone Natural Gold RoseWreath Pinecone Natural Gold Rose IN STOCK

Red Hat Reindeer IN STOCK
£19.99 was £30.00

Rattan Cone Tree with LightsRattan Cone Tree with Lights IN STOCK
£15.99 was £20.00
Soft Brown Sprung Santa IN STOCK
£14.99 was £30.00

LED Deco Black Lantern
£14.99 was £20.00
LED Lantern Copper IN STOCK
£14.99 was £20.00

LED Warm White - Lit Twigs Brown IN STOCK
£14.99 was £20.00

Frosty Walks Candle Jar IN STOCK
£11.99 was £19.00

Monkey Sculpture Gold IN STOCK
£11.99 was £20.00
Feather Glitter Mask BlackFeather Glitter Mask Black IN STOCK
£11.99 was £25.00

Reed Diffuser Frosty Walks 180ml IN STOCK
Apples Set of 4 Champagne IN STOCK
£9.99 was £20.00

Berry Spray Black IN STOCK
£9.99 was £15.00

Leopard BaubleLeopard Bauble IN STOCK

LED White - Lit Twigs Brown IN STOCK
£7.99 was £15.00
Sequin Bead Bauble Gold IN STOCK

Frosty Walks Candle Tin IN STOCK
£6.50 was £9.00

LED Flicker Candle IN STOCK
Available in 3 sizes
From £5.99

Champagne Grass Spray IN STOCK
£5.99 was £8.00

Clusters Bauble Gold IN STOCK

Antique Cluster BaubleAntique Cluster Bauble IN STOCK

Beaded Cluster BaubleBeaded Cluster Bauble IN STOCK

Faceted Hanger Amber IN STOCK

Ribbed Mercury BaubleRibbed Mercury Bauble IN STOCK