A great sofa needs to offer a versatile style that can complement any space, fitting in both physically and aesthetically. It should also deliver cosiness while having enough support to keep you in complete comfort. This kind of balancing act is what makes the Casper collection so special.

These contemporary sofas with a retro twist are available in a wide range of sizes, making it perfect for any living space. Fibre filled backs and foam interiors also hit that comfort sweet spot that can be so hard to find. With chairs, snugglers and sofas in various sizes, you can mix and match the Casper with your other furniture to create an inviting atmosphere. Big or small, cool yet warm, supportive and stylish, the Casper range is a little bit of everything.

Casper - Extra Large Sofa In FabricCasper - Extra Large Sofa In Fabric
Barona LimeLumino TurquoiseLumino Mink
£1049.00 was £1239.00
Casper - Large Sofa In FabricCasper - Large Sofa In Fabric
Plush IndigoBarona TealBarona Sky
£999.00 was £1185.00

Casper - Small Sofa In FabricCasper - Small Sofa In Fabric
Barona SkyBarona NaturalLumino Teal Velvet
£979.00 was £1155.00

Casper - Snuggler In FabricCasper - Snuggler In Fabric
Lumino Old RosePlush SlateBarona Sky
£769.00 was £905.00

Casper - Chair In FabricCasper - Chair In Fabric
Lumino MineralPlush Tumeric VelvetLumino Old Rose
£649.00 was £765.00