Rest your head in the knowledge that the finest Shetland Isle fleece wool is helping ensure a fantastic night\'s sleep, so there will be no need to count sheep! Blended with the best of British fleece wool, worsted wool upholstery and hand-tied tufts, the result is one very special mattress.

We can obtain most models from the Vi-Spring range, but we may not feature them in the store. We will be happy to quote a competitive price. Contact us for further details

Vi-Spring Shetland Mattress
Vi-Spring Shetland Mattress
|DescriptionVi-Spring Shetland Mattress Platinum-grade British fleece wool is blended with real Shetland isle fleece wool for a bed that offers exceptional comfort. The finishing touches: fine worsted wool upholstery and hand-tied woollen tufts.|DimensionsHeight: 28cm|FeaturesMattress Springs 1.52mm wide springs, 60mm in diameter, sewn in individual calico pockets and hand-formed into a honeycomb-nested...
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