Innovators of Comfort

Combining style, comfort and ergonomic design, Stressless has been a world leader in recliner chair design for many years. Their unique sofas and chairs come in a range of clean, modern styles that will make a great addition to any living room.

The Stressless brand is synonymous with comfort and their diverse designs ensure that anyone can find an ideal Stressless chair. Most designs of Stressless recliner and reclining sofa come in three different sizes, so almost any weight or build can sit in comfort. This helps distinguish Stressless at the pinnacle of recliner chair design.

Fishpools stocks one of the largest ranges of Stressless recliners in the UK, so whether you’re after something for the living room - or a stylish addition to a home office - then Fishpools will help you get that innovatively comfortable Stressless chair into your home.

We can obtain most models from the Stressless range, and although we may not feature them all on show; will be happy to quote a competitive price. Please contact us for further details.