All too often, furniture can feel generic and lacking in those personal touches that make things extra special. The charming Windermere sofa collection stands as the antithesis to all of that. Expertly handmade in the UK, every stitch is sewn with care. This means you’re not only getting superior quality but also a statement in your home that showcases its personality and individuality, while being subtle enough to suit any décor.

That is made possible by the variety of the range, with a large selection of high-quality fabrics including tactile velvets, four sofa size options, and even footstools allowing you to mix and match to perfectly fit your space. Complete with feather filled scatter cushions and customisable with your choice of feather or fibre filled back cushions, you can spend your quality time on a sofa made just for you.

Windermere - Extra Large SofaWindermere - Extra Large Sofa
Salsa 18White 15Latte 34
£1649.00 was £2069.00

Windermere - Large SofaWindermere - Large Sofa
Aubergine 50Lilac 29Cyan 46
£1499.00 was £1895.00

Windermere - Large Unit RHF ArmWindermere - Large Unit RHF Arm
Rust 70Turquoise 42Steel Grey 11
£1449.00 was £1829.00

Windermere - Large Unit LHF ArmWindermere - Large Unit LHF Arm
White 15Duck Egg 04Salsa 18
£1449.00 was £1829.00
Windermere - Medium SofaWindermere - Medium Sofa
Black 12Deep Red 49Wedgwood 21
£1399.00 was £1765.00

Windermere - Large Armless UnitWindermere - Large Armless Unit
Charcoal 20Heather 27Blue Grass 43
£1399.00 was £1765.00
Windermere - Medium Unit RHF ArmWindermere - Medium Unit RHF Arm
Tangerine 47French Grey 37Blue Grass 43
£1349.00 was £1709.00

Windermere - Medium Unit LHF ArmWindermere - Medium Unit LHF Arm
Pistachio 67BlushMeteorite 06
£1349.00 was £1709.00

Windermere - Small SofaWindermere - Small Sofa
Anthracite 03Whisper 40Battleship 44
£1299.00 was £1625.00

Windermere - Medium Armless UnitWindermere - Medium Armless Unit
Storm 38Lilac 29Cobblestone 16
£1279.00 was £1609.00
Windermere - Small Unit RHF ArmWindermere - Small Unit RHF Arm
Forest Green 23BlushPumpkin 66
£1249.00 was £1569.00

Windermere - Small Unit LHF ArmWindermere - Small Unit LHF Arm
Heather 27Amethyst 26Regency Grey 24
£1249.00 was £1569.00
Windermere - Small Armless UnitWindermere - Small Armless Unit
Storm 38Pillarbox 31Forest Green 23
£1179.00 was £1475.00

Windermere - SnugglerWindermere - Snuggler
Stone 09Deep Red 49Cinnamon 71
£959.00 was £1205.00

Windermere - Corner UnitWindermere - Corner Unit
Sapphire 35Turquoise 42Royal Blue 02
£799.00 was £999.00

Windermere - ChairWindermere - Chair
Forest Green 23Steel Grey 11Rust 70
£775.00 was £969.00