The Watson curvy chair is the perfect place in which to curl up. Available with hand tufted buttons or without. Choose from a variety of soft velvets, flocked textures, fancy patterns and smooth soft buttery leathers. Combines ultimate comfort & timeless style, making itself at home in any living room. Ideal as a stand alone piece, even better as a pair, and the perfect partner to our Holmes collection.

Watson - Plain 2 SeaterWatson - Plain 2 Seater
Plush SlatePlush PlatinumPlush Brick
£849.00 was £1,065.00
Watson - Buttoned 2 SeaterWatson - Buttoned 2 Seater
Plush ChocolatePlush MallardPlush Platinum
£849.00 was £1,065.00

Watson - Plain ArmchairWatson - Plain Armchair
Lavish DarklyLavish Jam
£839.00 was £1,055.00

Watson - Buttoned ArmchairWatson - Buttoned Armchair
Plush AsphaltMystere GrassPlush Slate
£619.00 was £775.00

Watson - Plain D Shaped FootstoolWatson - Plain D Shaped Footstool
Lavish JamLavish Darkly
£349.00 was £439.00