With so much emphasis these days on busy lives it is a comfort to have something so gorgeous to fall back on. The benefit of the Supreme mattress is all encompassing.

We can obtain most models from the Vi-Spring range but may not have all in store. Sizes available: Standard Single; Standard Double; King and Super King. This product is not available on-line. Contact us for full details.

Vi-Spring Bedstead Supreme Mattress
Vi-Spring Bedstead Supreme Mattress
|DescriptionVi-Spring Bedstead Supreme Mattress is a mattress to fit your existing bedstead, bespoke model and interior design solutions. The finest fabrics and the precise level of comfort to suit you. Discover how Vi-Spring can enhance your existing bedstead with that essential touch of Vi-Spring luxury guaranteed.|DimensionsHeight: 26cm|FeaturesMattress Springs 1.42mm wire springs, 51mm in diameter,...
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