The stylish Verona collection has an option for any room. Choose from a selection of different wall combinations all in variety of finishes

Verona - HB42 Highboard Element with Plinth NEW

Verona - MI1 Wall Combination NEW
Anthracite Matt LacquerTextured Terra OakBrushed Oak
£3699.00 was £4354.00
Verona - MI2 Wall Combination NEW
Natural Oak OiledTextured Terra OakWhite Matt Silk Lacquer
£4339.00 was £5106.00

Verona - MI3 Wall Combination NEW
Solid Wild OakNatural Oak OiledTextured Terra Oak
£3179.00 was £3742.00
Verona - MI4 Wall Combination NEW
White Matt Silk LacquerBrushed OakAnthracite Matt Lacquer
£3529.00 was £4152.00

Verona - MI5 Wall Combination NEW
Fango Matt Silk LacquerSolid Wild OakWhite Matt Silk Lacquer
£4305.00 was £5065.00

Verona - MI6 Wall Combination NEW
Textured Terra OakSolid Wild OakNatural Oak Oiled
£2565.00 was £3018.00

Verona - MI7 Wall Combination NEW
Anthracite Matt LacquerFango Matt Silk LacquerSolid Wild Oak
£3585.00 was £4218.00
Verona - Wall Panels WP4-5 NEW
White Matt Silk LacquerNatural Oak OiledAnthracite Matt Lacquer
£1275.00 was £1500.00

Verona - Z11-2 Tall Cabinet Element NEW
Textured Terra OakWhite Matt Silk LacquerFango Matt Silk Lacquer
£1169.00 was £1376.00