The Varese leather sofa collection has a luxury high back design with supported head rest cushions that will add value to any living room. Sofas are available in various sizes with a matching armchair, plus corner options which you can size for the perfect fit. Choose from a range of high quality Italian leathers. All sofas and chairs are available fixed or with power recliner options for the ultimate in comfort and support.

Varese - 3 Seat Sofa In LeatherVarese - 3 Seat Sofa In Leather
Imperia 2802Rialto 2530Imperia 2800
£1799.00 was £2249.00

Varese - 2 Seat Maxi Sofa In LeatherVarese - 2 Seat Maxi Sofa In Leather
Imperia 2802Imperia 2808Rialto 2538
£1699.00 was £2125.00

Varese - 2 Seat Sofa In LeatherVarese - 2 Seat Sofa In Leather
Rialto 2544Rialto 2530Imperia 2806
£1599.00 was £2009.00

Varese - Chair In LeatherVarese - Chair In Leather
Rialto 2544Rialto 2532Rialto 2538
£1199.00 was £1505.00

Varese - Corner Unit In LeatherVarese - Corner Unit In Leather
Rialto 2536Rialto 2540Imperia 2808
£1179.00 was £1485.00

Varese - Footstool In LeatherVarese - Footstool In Leather
Rialto 2530Imperia 2806Imperia 2804
£449.00 was £565.00