The Varenna collection is a stylish collection with it's futuristic design which will suit any modern room. With a lacquered finish inside and out the Varenna is the perfect addition to your home.

UTE15-103T Base Element - Varenna
Matt TaupeMatt WhiteNatural Knotty Walnut
£909.00 was £1,075.00

WP7-3 Wall Panels - Varenna
Natural Knotty WalnutMatt FangoMatt Taupe
£1859.00 was £2,188.00

FE41 Combination - Varenna
Honey OakMatt TaupeNatural Knotty Walnut
£1895.00 was £2,231.00

FE51 Combination - Varenna
Natural Knotty WalnutHoney OakMatt Taupe
£1965.00 was £2,315.00
FE32 Combination - Varenna
Matt WhiteHoney OakNatural Knotty Walnut
£2485.00 was £2,925.00

FE31 Combination - Varenna
Matt WhiteMatt TaupeNatural Knotty Walnut
£3669.00 was £4,321.00
FE3 Combination - Varenna
Matt TaupeNatural Knotty WalnutHoney Oak
£4049.00 was £4,767.00

FE20 Combination - Varenna
Honey OakNatural Knotty WalnutMatt White
£4175.00 was £4,916.00

FE1 Combination - Varenna
Natural Knotty WalnutHoney OakMatt Fango
£4245.00 was £4,997.00

FE7 Combination - Varenna
Matt WhiteNatural Knotty WalnutHoney Oak
£5765.00 was £6,783.00