Improve the quality of your sleep with a Tempur Pillow

Tempur pillow is much more than a simple pillow. Its technologically advanced material responds to your body heat, adjusting to the natural curvature of your neck, for a restful and comfortable sleep. At Fishpools you will find different types of Tempur pillows: Ergonomic Support pillows, to help align your neck, head and shoulders, Classic pillows, for a pressure relieving comfort, and Travel pillows, specifically designed to pack in a bag all the technology of a Tempur pillow.

Tempur - Comfort Pillow CloudTempur - Comfort Pillow Cloud IN STOCK
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Tempur - Comfort Pillow OriginalTempur - Comfort Pillow Original IN STOCK

Tempur - Original Pillow Queen Large IN STOCK

Tempur - Original Pillow Queen Medium IN STOCK

Tempur - Original Pillow Queen X-Large IN STOCK
Tempur - Travel Set
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