Tempur Luxe - Hybrid MattressTempur Luxe - Hybrid Mattress
Tempur Luxe - Hybrid Mattress
|DescriptionThe Tempur Supreme Lux mattress offers a combination of material to create maximum comfort. The top layer of advanced Tempur material relieves pressure points, with the responsiveness of a layer of precision micro coils underneath that moves with your body. Tempur’s Dynamic Support Layer is a base layer made of precision coils that are densely placed to fit more into the same space. With...
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Tempur Luxe - Cloud MattressTempur Luxe - Cloud Mattress
Tempur Luxe - Cloud Mattress
|DescriptionThe Tempur Luxe Cloud mattress offers a perfect balance of softness and support. The distinctively developed Extra Soft material conforms & relaxes, while the firm layers of the Support & Durabase technology add long lasting support.|DimensionsHeight: 30cm|FeaturesTempur Extrra Soft material conforms & relaxesDynamic support & Durabase technology add long lasting supportQuick Refresh cover...

Tempur Luxe - Contour MattressTempur Luxe - Contour Mattress
Tempur Luxe - Contour Mattress
|DescriptionThe Tempur Luxe Contour mattress offers the benefits of Tempur material with body conforming comfort and outstanding support. The Contour mattress is perfect for deep relaxation as it contains pressure relieving properties that can reduce tossing and turning at night. The cover can be easily removed for washing.|DimensionsHeight: 30cm|FeaturesTempur Comfort material adds outsanding comfort...
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Tempur Luxe - Sensation MattressTempur Luxe - Sensation Mattress
Tempur Luxe - Sensation Mattress
|DescriptionThe Tempur Lux Sensation mattress offers even more layers of Tempur material. The comfort material on top generously conforms to your body shape to relieve pressure points, with the help of the Dynamic Support layer providing fast responding support. The Quick Refresh cover can be easily unzipped and washed.|DimensionsHeight: 30cm|FeaturesTempur Comfort material conforms to your body shapeDynamic...