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Ted Baker Bed Linens

Discover Ted Baker for your home, blending Ted's signature style with gorgeous bed linens, cushions and more. Here at Fishpools, we stock a wide range of Ted's fabulous collections, so you can embrace his quintessential British style in your home. Indulge in fantastically patterned bed linen, complete the look with matching cushions or add some quirky style to your kitchen or dining room with Ted's china range, all available from Fishpools.

From the beginning Ted has had a very clear, unswerving, focus on quality, attention to detail and a quirky sense of humour, something that gained the quickly growing brand the title of ‘No Ordinary Designer Label’. Everything produced under the Ted Baker name has his personality woven into its very heart.

Ted Baker Spice Garden LiquoriceTed Baker Spice Garden Liquorice Save 45%
Ted Baker Decadence SpiceTed Baker Decadence Spice Save 30%

Ted Baker Pomegranate MidnightTed Baker Pomegranate Midnight IN STOCK
Ted Baker Prism TwilightTed Baker Prism Twilight Save 25%

Ted Baker Rhapsody Nude PinkTed Baker Rhapsody Nude Pink Save 30%
Ted Baker Serendipity SorbetTed Baker Serendipity Sorbet IN STOCK

Ted Baker Hibiscus JadeTed Baker Hibiscus Jade IN STOCK
Ted Baker Masquerade DuskTed Baker Masquerade Dusk CLEARANCE

Ted Baker Vanilla PastelTed Baker Vanilla Pastel Save 25%
Ted Baker Porcelain Rose IN STOCK

Ted Baker Flight of the Orient IN STOCK
Arboretum Charcoal - Ted BakerArboretum Charcoal - Ted Baker Save 30%

Ted Baker Fern Forest ShadowTed Baker Fern Forest Shadow Save 30%
Ted Baker Royal Palm MultiTed Baker Royal Palm Multi Save 25%
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