The Stockholm a great, neat sofa collection that offers versatility and  style that will complement any space. With the large bolster arm cushions it will deliver cosiness while having enough support to keep you in complete comfort, under pinned by the luxurious tactile velvet fabric. This kind of balancing act is what makes the Stockholm collection so special. These contemporary sofas with a retro twist are available in a range of sizes, along with a corner chaise option making it perfect for any living space, so you can create the perfect inviting atmosphere. 

Stockholm - 3 Seat Sofa In VelvetStockholm - 3 Seat Sofa In Velvet
Velluto 8Velutto 15Velutto 10
£699.00 was £879.00

Stockholm - 2.5 Seat Sofa In VelvetStockholm - 2.5 Seat Sofa In Velvet
Velutto 10Velutto 14Velluto 8
£679.00 was £855.00

Stockholm - Chair In VelvetStockholm - Chair In Velvet
Velutto 15Velutto 12Velutto 11
£399.00 was £505.00

Stockholm - Footstool In VelvetStockholm - Footstool In Velvet
Velutto 12Velluto 7Velluto 8
£199.00 was £255.00