The Park Lane seating collection is not one to fade meekly into the background. These bold and beautiful designs boast a timeless aesthetic with a wide choice of fabric finishes to complement any interior. From grand sofas to loveseats, the Park Lane range is available in a variety of designs and sizes. Whatever you choose though, it is bound to become a gorgeously elegant focal point of your room.

Those stunning traditional looks are coupled with a focus on comfort. Indulgent high, slightly sprayed arms, generous seat proportions and a scatter cushion back deliver to the highest degree when it comes to support, ensuring this ample collection maintains the finest level of taste in every respect.


Grand Split Sofa - Park LaneGrand Split Sofa - Park Lane
Yara TaupeGlamour MulberryGlamour Blush
£2879.00 was £3,599.00
Grand Sofa - Park LaneGrand Sofa - Park Lane
Boutique White GoldGlamour MulberryGlamour Mint
£2699.00 was £3,385.00

Extra Large Sofa - Park LaneExtra Large Sofa - Park Lane
Glamour InkYara TaupeGlamour Peacock
£2679.00 was £3,355.00

Large Sofa - Park LaneLarge Sofa - Park Lane
Yara GoldGlamour PeacockBoutique White Gold
£2599.00 was £3,265.00

Loveseat - Park LaneLoveseat - Park Lane
Yara GoldGlamour BlushGlamour Mulberry
£1999.00 was £2,505.00