The Palma Wall Unit Collection is an ideal storage solution for any room. Offering multiple compartments from pull-out drawers, cabinets and open-shelving displays, each design can be mixed and matched to suit personal needs. Choose from a variety of layouts and storage combinations; each is available in a range of stylish finishes.

Palma - WIB130 Angled Shelf
Natural OakMatt CashmereMatt Fango
£209.00 was £250.00
Palma - WIB195 Angled Shelf
Matt CashmereNatural Core BeechNatural Oak
£299.00 was £352.00

Palma - U11-401L Display Element
Terra oakMatt FangoNatural Walnut
£855.00 was £1009.00
Palma - U11-401R Display Element
Natural OakMatt TaupeNatural Core Beech
£855.00 was £1009.00

Palma - U11-342L Display Element
Natural OakMatt FangoNatural Walnut
£885.00 was £1042.00
Palma - U11-342R Display Element
Honey Wild OakMatt FangoNatural Oak
£885.00 was £1042.00

Palma - HWO4-401D Upper Wall Unit
Natural Core BeechMatt TaupeConcrete Look
£965.00 was £1139.00

Palma - TB11-R TV TV Unit Base Element
Concrete LookMatt WhiteMatt Cashmere
£1069.00 was £1262.00

Palma - TB11-L TV TV Unit Base Element
Matt WhiteTerra oakNatural Oak
£1069.00 was £1262.00
Palma - U4-314T Sideboard
Natural WalnutNatural OakMatt Taupe
£1279.00 was £1505.00

Palma - TB12-R TV TV Unit Base Element
Matt WhiteConcrete LookNatural Walnut
£1369.00 was £1617.00
Palma - TB12-L TV TV Unit Base Element
Matt CashmereMatt WhiteNatural Oak
£1369.00 was £1617.00

Palma - TB14-R TV TV Unit Base Element
Natural Core BeechMatt CashmereMatt Fango
£1369.00 was £1617.00

Palma - TB14-L TV TV Unit Base Element
Matt TaupeMatt CashmereHoney Wild Oak
£1369.00 was £1617.00

Palma - TB17-R TV TV Unit Base Element
Honey Wild OakNatural OakMatt Fango
£1475.00 was £1738.00
Palma - TB17-L TV TV Unit Base Element
Honey Wild OakNatural Core BeechTerra oak
£1475.00 was £1738.00

Palma - BE29 Wall Combination
£2269.00 was £2672.00
Palma - BE30 Wall Combination
£2705.00 was £3183.00

Palma - BE01 Wall Combination
£2739.00 was £3223.00

Palma - BE19 Wall Combination
£2869.00 was £3378.00

Palma - BE53 Wall Combination
£3079.00 was £3623.00