The Osaka pop-up sofa bed complete with storage chaise really showcases what thoughtful design can achieve. Its L-shape provides plenty of space while still fitting snugly into a wide variety of different interiors. It’s as capable of accommodating the whole family as it is providing an ideal place for guests to sleep, without ever spatially overwhelming its surroundings.

This is the case visually just as much as it is practically, as while this piece is easy on the eye, it’s also versatile enough to complement a wide variety of décor and styles. Of course, its crisp and contemporary good looks also give way to plenty of practicality and comfort. Whether you’re sitting or sleeping, the soft foam filling will invite you to relax, while the chaise section can be adjusted to the left or right to suit your needs.

Osaka - Pop-Up Sofa Bed with Storage Chaise In Grey FabricOsaka - Pop-Up Sofa Bed with Storage Chaise In Grey Fabric Save 20%