The stunning Monte Carlo corner group provides the ultimate in modern design. The foam seat cushions ensure the chaise will never lose its shape, finished off in style with sleek chrome feet. The choice is yours with a huge selection of sizes, shapes and colours to choose from, the Monte Carlo is also available in standard or pillow back options.

Monte Carlo - Combi Corner RHFMonte Carlo - Combi Corner RHF
Bellagio Mustard 105W. Victoria Marina 5587Bellagio Curacao 321
£2099.00 was £2629.00
Monte Carlo - Combi Corner LHFMonte Carlo - Combi Corner LHF
Bellagio Curacao 321W. Victoria Jet 8046W. Victoria Cookie 0516
£2099.00 was £2629.00

Monte Carlo - 232cm Large SofaMonte Carlo - 232cm Large Sofa
W. Victoria Pebble 7538Bellagio Shark 271Bellagio Curacao 321
£1199.00 was £1509.00

Monte Carlo - 202cm Medium SofaMonte Carlo - 202cm Medium Sofa
W. Victoria Biscuit 1638W. Victoria Marina 5587Bellagio Mustard 105
£1169.00 was £1465.00

Monte Carlo - 172cm Small SofaMonte Carlo - 172cm Small Sofa
W. Victoria Stone 7584Bellagio Sunset 62Bellagio Azure 11
£1149.00 was £1445.00

Monte Carlo - 200cm Armless UnitMonte Carlo - 200cm Armless Unit
Bellagio Mustard 105Bellagio Latte 515W. Victoria Cookie 0516
£1099.00 was £1385.00

Monte Carlo - 224cm RHF TerminalMonte Carlo - 224cm RHF Terminal
W. Victoria Cookie 0516W. Victoria Stone 7584W. Victoria Warm Grey 7579
£1095.00 was £1369.00

Monte Carlo - 224cm LHF TerminalMonte Carlo - 224cm LHF Terminal
Bellagio Azure 11W. Victoria Marina 5587W. Victoria Biscuit 1638
£1095.00 was £1369.00

Monte Carlo - 170cm Armless UnitMonte Carlo - 170cm Armless Unit
Bellagio Azure 11Bellagio Mustard 105Bellagio Latte 515
£1049.00 was £1315.00

Monte Carlo - 140cm Armless UnitMonte Carlo - 140cm Armless Unit
Bellagio Mustard 105Bellagio Shark 271Bellagio Sunset 62
£1025.00 was £1285.00

Monte Carlo - 85cm Armless SofaMonte Carlo - 85cm Armless Sofa
W. Victoria Pebble 7538Bellagio Latte 515W. Victoria Oyster 1155
£619.00 was £779.00

Monte Carlo - 88cm Accent ChairMonte Carlo - 88cm Accent Chair
W. Victoria Warm Grey 7579W. Victoria Marina 5587W. Victoria Stone 7584
£519.00 was £655.00
Monte Carlo - Mega StoolMonte Carlo - Mega Stool
Bellagio Sunset 62W. Victoria Cookie 0516W. Victoria Biscuit 1638
£399.00 was £499.00