The Monroe a contemporary low clung club feel in elegant soul leather. Simply stylish with just the right level of detail, this social collection of sofas and corner combinations look great with added splashes of earth graphic accents. Modular in scale, so you can create a space that is as sociable as you like.

Monroe - 4 Seat Split Sofa In LeatherMonroe - 4 Seat Split Sofa In Leather
Indiana TanSoul CamelSatchel Biscotti
£2649.00 was £3325.00

Monroe - 3 Seat Sofa In LeatherMonroe - 3 Seat Sofa In Leather
Soul CamelSoul ChocolateSoul Graphite
£2149.00 was £2695.00

Monroe - 2 Seat Sofa In LeatherMonroe - 2 Seat Sofa In Leather
Soul TaupeIndiana TanSoul Graphite
£1949.00 was £2455.00

Monroe - Snuggler In LeatherMonroe - Snuggler In Leather
Satchel NutmegSoul CamelSatchel Biscotti
£1519.00 was £1909.00
Monroe - Corner Unit In LeatherMonroe - Corner Unit In Leather
Satchel NutmegIndiana TanSoul Camel
£1379.00 was £1735.00

Monroe - Single Unit In LeatherMonroe - Single Unit In Leather
Byron TumbleweedSoul ChocolateSatchel Pepper
£999.00 was £1255.00
Monroe - Footstool In LeatherMonroe - Footstool In Leather
Indiana TanSatchel BiscottiSoul Camel
£699.00 was £875.00