Treat you and your bedroom to a bit of decadence with the Medina bedroom collection. Each piece has been expertly crafted with a nod to art nouveau design, and the mirrored surfaces not only give everything an ultra premium feel, they help create the illusion of expanse - perfect for those working with a smaller space. This collection features a king-size bedframe, complete with attractive button detailing on the headboard, mirrored cabinets in a variety of sizes, a beautiful bedside cabinet and an antique-style mirrored stool. Top off the look with white/cream accessories - crisp white bed linen and cream-coloured lampshades - for the ultimate look of luxury. 

Medina - 6 Drawer Mirror CabinetMedina - 6 Drawer Mirror Cabinet
£899.00 was £1429.00

Medina - 2 Door Mirror CabinetMedina - 2 Door Mirror Cabinet
£549.00 was £795.00

Medina - 4 Drawer Mirror CabinetMedina - 4 Drawer Mirror Cabinet IN STOCK
Medina - 3 Drawer Mirror CabinetMedina - 3 Drawer Mirror Cabinet IN STOCK

Medina - 3 Drawer Mirror Bedside CabinetMedina - 3 Drawer Mirror Bedside Cabinet IN STOCK

Medina Wall Mirror
£225.00 was £350.00

Medina - Mirror StoolMedina - Mirror Stool
£199.00 was £319.00

Medina - Stool Antique MirrorMedina - Stool Antique Mirror
£169.00 was £269.00