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Mammoth Pillow

Mammoth have discovered the secret to great sleep: it’s medical grade foam. Every inch of their mattresses are the product of rigorous research and cutting edge science. That’s why you get unrivalled comfort and the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had when you upgrade to a Mammoth.

Mammoth -  Slim Pillow NEW
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Comfort enables better sleep. To be truly comfortable the body and mind must be completely at ease; free from pain or constraint. A more comfortable body is a healthier body. True comfort requires the perfect blend of pressure relief, support and temperature regulation. This is the Science of Comfort™. Mammoth have gone further than any other brand in developing cutting edge technologies and materials in the pursuit of comfort and sleep quality.

Visit our stunning showroom in Waltham Cross to experience the comfort of Mammoth first hand.




Mammoth has been helping people ease aches and pains and get a great night’s sleep for years. The Mammoth story began when our founder John Tuton worked in healthcare, providing medical mattresses for some seriously unwell patients. After getting injured playing rugby and struggling to find a comfortable night’s rest, John developed the first Mammoth prototype using leading sleep technology used in healthcare. After getting a great night’s sleep, John had a ‘eureka’ moment. He asked why anyone should wait until pain or poor health strikes to get maximum rest and recuperation from their mattress.

Mammoth was born with the aim of helping anyone and everyone sleep better, feel better and make the most of every day.
Based on thousands of hours of front-line health experience and expertise, Mammoth mattresses are scientifically tested and shown to improve sleep and are endorsed by health professionals.


At the core of every Mammoth mattress is Medical Grade™ Foam and PostureCell® technologies which were designed specifically to improve sleep. Being designed specifically to improve sleep, makes Medical Grade™ Foam unlike outdated technologies such as memory foam, which was developed for space travel and not sleep.Evidence shows that a lack of proper support and overheating are the two biggest obstacles to getting an uninterrupted night’s sleep. That’s why Medical Grade™ Foam provides you with plenty of pressure relieving postural support through its PostureCell® technology. It is naturally cooling – so it won’t heat up and neither will you. It’s also hypoallergenic.

Medical Grade™ Foam and PostureCell® technology are:

• Scientifically tested and shown to improve comfort and sleep.

• Recommended by health professionals to encourage relaxation and help ease aches and pains – including back pain.

• Used by elite athletes and professional sportsmen and women to increase rest and recovery so they can train longer and perform better.


Mammoth understand that everyone has their own idea of comfort – so there mattresses are available in three levels of comfort. These are:


Something a little firmer is for those who prefer their comfort medium firm. It contains our original Medical Grade™ Foam in its purest form, scientifically tested and shown to improve sleep and endorsed by health professionals.


Something in between is for those who prefer their comfort with a medium feel. It takes our Medical Grade™ Foam and combines it with the support and bounce of traditional pocket springs – blending contemporary and traditional technologies for the best of both worlds.


Something softer is for those who prefer their comfort slightly softer. At the core of something softer is our original Medical Grade™ Foam as standard.An additional layer of SkyFoam™, our most modern medical grade innovation, delivers additional softness without compromising support for the ultimate in contemporary comfort.

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