If you've been tossing and turning at night, wondering when you'll ever be truly comfortable, then the Mammoth mattress is your answer. Clinically proven tp provide a better sleep, the hypoallergenic Mammoth features unbeatable back support, incredible pressure relief, an integrated washable protector and a high-spec Tencel cooling cover. Lovingly designed and manufactured with the utmost care here in the UK - and available in Single, Small Double, Double, King and Super King sizes - you can kiss sleepless nights goodbye with a Mammoth mattress.

Mammoth - MattressMammoth - Mattress
Mammoth - Mattress
|DescriptionThe Mammoth Mammoth is the range for those who want perfect, proven back support and pressure relief. Clinically proven to provide a better sleep, the Mammoth Mammoth is the ideal range for a goods night sleep.|DimensionsHeight: 32cm|FeaturesMattress Depth: 32cmTension: RegularHypo AllergenicHigh-Spec Tencel Cooling CoverTailored Taped EdgingIntegrated Washable Mattress ProtectoreDesigned...
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