From our extensive range of recliner sofas, the Lavenham allows you to relax and recline in total comfort. All pieces are available fixed or with manual or power recliner actions. Available in a selection of fabrics.

3 Seat Auto Recliner - Lavenham3 Seat Auto Recliner - Lavenham
Montana Plain MintMontana Brushstrokes  RoseMontana Plain Natural
£1599.00 was £1,885.00
2 Seat Auto Recliner - Lavenham2 Seat Auto Recliner - Lavenham
Montana Floral RoseSoho Multi CreamPimlico Crush Grey
£1479.00 was £1,745.00

3 Seat Manual Recliner - Lavenham3 Seat Manual Recliner - Lavenham
Montana Floral CocoaSoho Lattice GreenPortobello Geometric Rose
£1299.00 was £1,535.00

2 Seat Manual Recliner - Lavenham2 Seat Manual Recliner - Lavenham
Camden Leaf AquaBoucle GreyPimlico Crush Mink
£1169.00 was £1,379.00

3 Seat Static Split Sofa - Lavenham3 Seat Static Split Sofa - Lavenham
Montana Brushstrokes  RoseHolland Park Plain TravertineSoho Lattice Oyster
£1099.00 was £1,295.00
3 Seat Static Sofa - Lavenham3 Seat Static Sofa - Lavenham
Camden Leaf WheatHolland Park Lattice TravertineHolland Park Plain Travertine
£949.00 was £1,119.00

Auto Recliner Chair - LavenhamAuto Recliner Chair - Lavenham
Camden Uni AquaPortobello Geometric EvergreenCamden Diamond Wine
£899.00 was £1,059.00
2 Seat Static Sofa - Lavenham2 Seat Static Sofa - Lavenham
Portobello Geomtric OysterMontana Brushstrokes TruffleCamden Uni Wheat
£869.00 was £1,029.00

Manual Recliner Chair - LavenhamManual Recliner Chair - Lavenham
Portobello Geometric CocoaCamden Uni WinePimlico Crush Biscuit
£729.00 was £875.00

Static Chair - LavenhamStatic Chair - Lavenham
Soho Multi BlushCamden Floral AquaSoho Lattice Cocoa
£579.00 was £689.00

Storage Footstool - LavenhamStorage Footstool - Lavenham
Montana Plain NaturalPortobello Geometric EvergreenHolland Park Lattice Plum
£279.00 was £329.00