Meet Our People


Meet the Linen Ladies. This is party central territory, there's not much these girls don't know about duvets, duck feathers, goose down, togs or thread counts.

Headed up by team leader Jane, this troop of experienced fun loving ladies always give our customers the best advice on which is the perfect pillow or the latest celebrity bed linen range - with gossip to match.


Meet our warehouse heroes. If you’re lucky, you might get your furniture delivered by (L-R) Lee, David, Thomas, Paul or Alan. These fantastic guys do all the heavy lifting for us at our photo shoots and all they ask for in return is plenty of food, drink and a swimming pool! When they’re not busy lounging poolside, you can find them in our warehouse or perhaps driving one of our Fishpools’ delivery vans – be sure to give them a smile and a wave if you see them out and about!


He may not look it, but Peter is a Fishpools veteran. Starting as a fresh faced 17 year old he has been a part of the Fishpools team for over 20 years, working his way up to his current role as buyer for our Pictures & Mirrors, Home Accessory & Cook Shop departments – busy boy!

When he's not ordering pots & pans, he indulges his twin passions of motor sport and the latest in gadget technology. This year he's off to the British Formula 1 Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Keeping up the race-pace, there's no rest at home, with two very active boys who love to play football with their dad.


From the left:

When she's not helping our customers select the perfect framed print, party animal Donna loves the things any self respecting girl needs to do... shopping...partying... holidays... in short - having fun.

Meet super-fit supervisor Karen. When she is not helping and advising customers with their picture or mirror choices, she will be down the gym keeping in fine fettle at the spinning classes.

Multi-lingual Marie hales from sunny Spain and amongst her many talents, she can speak at least four different languages and loves to dance. Salsa and Jive are her thing.

Fresh from studying film and TV at college, James is our new kid on the block. He's a Spurs supporter, loves the Superhero Comic books and is a film buff, so well qualified to guide customers through our range of Icon framed pictures.


Meet David - When he's not producing and singing in his own musicals, you'll find him advising customers in his charming inimitable style.

He loves people, gossip and is passionate about Fishpools. With 19 years experience in selling furniture he still enjoys coming to work, meeting new customers and helping them to furnish their homes to the highest standards. It’s not unknown for him to burst into song while selling a sofa! A true character!


Meet our Head of Security, Ram, who with his security team has been looking after us all for 17 years. Caring for customers and staff alike, his job is to provide excellent service and keep the store secure.When he’s off-duty, rhythmic Ram’s passion is music. And not just any music, he plays the drums in a traditional Turkish band, mainly at weddings. So if you’re planning a visit to see our enormous range of furniture and home accessories, you may well get an up-tempo greeting if Ram’s on the door.