The Harrison is hot on the trend for relatable glamour. This collection of sofas and corner groups embodies warm minimalism with stylish handcrafted detailing in the form of pleats and super sized metallic buttons and delicate gold piping. Velvets in smokey subdued teals and light reflective accent fabrics make this the must have look for any stylish home.

Harrison - 4 Seat Split Sofa In FabricHarrison - 4 Seat Split Sofa In Fabric
Biba BerryBiba MahoganyBiba Rust
£2099.00 was £2625.00

Harrison - 3 Seat Sofa In FabricHarrison - 3 Seat Sofa In Fabric
Biba MinkBiba MustardBiba Moss
£1549.00 was £1939.00

Harrison - 2 Seat Sofa In FabricHarrison - 2 Seat Sofa In Fabric
Biba BrinalBiba MahoganyBiba Rust
£1399.00 was £1749.00

Harrison - Snuggler In FabricHarrison - Snuggler In Fabric
Biba SealBiba MahoganyBiba Indigo
£1069.00 was £1345.00

Harrison - Corner Unit In FabricHarrison - Corner Unit In Fabric
Biba CreamBiba RustBiba Seal
£879.00 was £1099.00

Harrison - Footstool In FabricHarrison - Footstool In Fabric
Biba HazeBiba MustardBiba Mahogany
£399.00 was £505.00