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Harlequin Diffinity RugHarlequin Diffinity Rug IN STOCK
Harlequin Elliptic RugHarlequin Elliptic Rug EXPRESS DELIVERY

Harlequin Elwana RugHarlequin Elwana Rug IN STOCK
Slate 140204Jute 140208
Available in 4 sizes
from £465.00 was £625.00
Harlequin Lulu Rug Pebble 044601Harlequin Lulu Rug Pebble 044601 EXPRESS DELIVERY
Available in 4 sizes
from £465.00 was £625.00

Harlequin Mehari RugHarlequin Mehari Rug EXPRESS DELIVERY
Maize 140101Lime 140107
Available in 4 sizes
from £465.00 was £625.00
Harlequin Rosita RugHarlequin Rosita Rug EXPRESS DELIVERY
Harissa 140402Putty 140404
Available in 4 sizes
from £465.00 was £625.00


Harlequin are renowned for bold, expressive designs that add character to the interiors of people’s homes.

Explore an enticing range of bed linens, accessory cushions and wool rugs that combine comfortable, high-quality materials with stylish designs. You can opt for bright, colourful rugs that infuse the rooms of your house with real warmth; alternatively, you may decide that what your bedroom really needs is a beautiful floral duvet that will get you in the mood for spring. The choice is yours.


Harlequin is a British fabrics, homeware and wallpaper brand renowned for their distinctive, inspirational designs.

Harlequin’s range of bed linens, duvets and pillowcases offer something for even the most discerning of customers, with designs that range from the bold and contemporary to the classically elegant and understated.

The word harlequin means ‘varied in colour or decoration’, and Harlequin, a luxury British brand that has long prided itself on providing the modern, chic interior designs, certainly fits this description, pushing the boundaries in both colour production and innovative textures.

Explore a wide spectrum of textures, patterns and stunning colours that can add real dynamism and character to your home.


Harlequin has had a long and storied history, replete with eye-catching designs and company mergers.

Harlequin operates as part of the renowned Walker Greenbank Group, which designs and manufactures some of the highest-quality wallpapers and fabrics in the UK. Walker Greenbank began life in 1899 as C&W Walker Holdings, an engineering company, before changing its name to Walker Greenbank in 1986. In 1987, it made the decision to enter the interior furnishings market with the acquisition of Anstey Wallpapers (then known as Wallcovering International) and the Harlequin and Zoffany brand names.

Walker Greenbank includes a number of other celebrated brands, such as Sanderson, Morris & Co., Scion and Clarke & Clarke.

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