Hammonds Home Office


Home Office Furniture & Office Storage

Hammonds fitted home office furniture is designed to maximise space.

It is important to remember that if you want your home office to work for you, it should be more than just a desk in a spare room; you should consider storage, lighting and how much space you will need for your work.

If you are looking for some inspiration for your home office, look no further than Hammonds.

Heritage & Quality

Hammonds offer a range of styles and designs, so whether you want a classic wooden home office or a palette of elegant colour options and finishes that go beautifully together, they've got it covered. Every home office is designed and built to the highest possible standards.

Hammonds have been making wooden furniture since 1926 and offer a full 10 year guarantee on all their work.

As well as learning more than a thing or two about craftsmanship in that time, they care deeply about both their heritage and future.  They make exclusive use of British materials, and source all their wood from sustainable forests, in partnership with the Woodland Trust. Their real wood veneer is entirely handpicked, to ensure it meets all their high standards.