Hammonds Fitted Bedrooms


Built In Wardrobes

Hammonds fitted bedrooms are entirely made to measure by a design team whose expertise lies in realising your vision.

Their innovative storage solutions make the most of any space. Whether it features tricky alcoves or a sloped roof, their custom furniture will help you keep your new bedroom clutter free. Their ranges include stylish furnishings to suit any taste.

Whether you want a classic design or a contemporary feel, walk in closets or free-standing furniture, they can take care of it. Their designs are as individually as you are, that's why having a fitted bedroom means having a room you'll love.

Heritage & Quality

Hammonds offer a range of styles and designs, so whether you want a classic wooden wardrobe or a trendy noir glass finish, they've got it covered. They do everything they can to ensure your finished wardrobe is exactly what you want.

Every built in wardrobe is designed and built to the highest possible standards, so you'll never find a creaking hinge or misaligned door. Hammonds have been making wooden furniture since 1926 and offer a full 10 year guarantee on all their work.

As well as learning more than a thing or two about craftsmanship in that time, they care deeply about both their heritage and future.  They make exclusive use of British materials, and source all their wood from sustainable forests, in partnership with the Woodland Trust. Their real wood veneer is entirely handpicked, to ensure it meets all their high standards. As well as keeping your bedroom clutter free, a Hammonds wardrobe means you can sleep easy knowing your bedroom design was responsibly sourced.

Matching Furniture

Don’t forget the finishing touches. Whether you need a chest of drawers, dressing table, or a headboard with a matching wooden finish, Hammonds offers a range of matching bedroom furniture to ensure your bedroom comes together brilliantly, whichever wardrobe you select.

Wardrobe Interiors

Hammonds believe the insides of their wardrobes and drawers are just as important as the outside. Their storage solutions are meticulously designed to take care of your possessions while still making them easy to get to.

They’re also strong, able to shrug off constant use day in, day out, and yes, even though they’re not on show, they couldn’t resist making them look good too!