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Striped Carpets

Stripes never go out of style for a reason: they bring an element of timeless beauty to any interior environment. As one of the most versatile patterns to work with, stripes can be anything you want them to be: bold and colourful or understated and refined.

At Fishpools, we have a wide selection of striped rugs to suit any interior theme. For a fun 70s vibe, opt for mustard yellows and earth tones, as seen in our Sloane collection. The dusty lavenders and sage greens in our Supreme Handloom rugs bring a sense of natural calm – ideal for any bedroom or living room. Looking for something a bit more opulent? Take a peek at our Holborn offerings, in rich, jewel-toned hues and velvety textures. For those wanting a more subtle piece, we’ve got you covered. Our Linley line features beautiful, top-quality striped rugs in a range of neutrals – soft ivory, creamy beige, smoky charcoal and deep slate – that will perfectly complement any room.

Interested in a different kind of pattern? Check out our collection of contemporary patterned rugs featuring geometric designs, playful florals and retro plaids.