How To Buy Flooring


We have a huge range of flooring materials on offer from cosy carpets to warming woods and practical vinyls and luxury laminates.

Ultimately your choice of floor is down to taste and we can advise you on the most suitable flooring for your needs. Visit our Flooring Department for a huge choice with great quality at every price level.


Tell us where your carpet will go and we'll advise on the right quality for your needs.
Heavy Domestic is generally for heavy use rooms like living, dining, hall & stairs.
Medium Domestic is for light use rooms like bedrooms, spare rooms & low traffic areas
We have thousands of design & colour combinations on show in store and we can advise on the best construction & design for your needs.

Hard Flooring
From warm woods to luxury laminates, choose from a huge range of smart practical floors
Engineered woods are easy & practical, nothing beats their warm

Free Estimating & Planning
Bring us rough dimensions for your room and we will give you an approximate estimated price. Once you have made your selections, we can visit your home and provide an accurate price with our FREE estimating & planning service.

Our Fully Guaranteed Fitting Service
Our experienced fitting teams will give you peace of mind and do all the hard work for you.


Cut & Loop Carpet. These carpets are created when some of the pile is cut and some is left as a loop, resulting in a variety of surface textures & patterns. The multi-level surface is excellent for hiding stains, good for high traffic areas of your home.

Level Loop Carpet. Also known as Berbers, these carpets are created when all the loops are the same height, resulting in a highly flexible, durable carpet with a natural casual appearance. The tight loop tends to hide marks and is good for high traffic areas of your home.

Twist Pile Carpet. One of the most popular types of carpet, the yarn is tightly twisted and often heat set resulting in a versatile textured finish, ideal for plain colours. A combination of durability and style, ideal for busy family homes.

Saxony Pile Carpet. These carpets are made from twisted yarns which are heat set. The tips remain distinct rather than blending together to form a soft finish. Saxony textures tend to show footprints and vacuum marks so are more suited to occasional rooms.

Velour Pile Carpet. Also known as Velvet or Plush, these carpets have a level pile of 5-10mm high which is sheared & the ends blended for a smooth finish. It will “shade” and the colour may look different when the fibres lying in different directions reflect the light. A luxury for occasional rooms.

Shag Pile Carpet. This quality has varied in popularity over time. The pile is up to 50mm long and the texture is casual and loose so the surface can flatten easily and may lack durability. For specialist use only and not suitable for heavy traffic areas of the home.

Woven Axminster. The pile is inserted into the backing as it is woven and then cut, creating U shaped tufts for a high quality, durable performance carpet with a luxury velvety look. The process allows for intricate designs and colours to be used.

Woven Wilton. Similar to Axminsters, Wiltons differ in that a continuous fibre is woven all the way through. They can be sheared to create a range of cut and loop textures. This high quality carpet with unrivalled durability is particularly suited to areas of heavy use.


A practical stylish alternative to carpets, hard flooring offers a huge range of materials, designs and finishes. From the warmth of real wood to the practicality of laminates and vinyls, Fishpools has a wide selection on show in store and our experts are here to help and advise you every step of the way.

Engineered Floor. The most popular wood floor, engineered wood is a timber board made with each layer running perpendicular so it can't swell or shrink, making it very stable. The top layer is usually hardwood. Modern technology allows for wide boards and an enormous variety of interesting finishes.

Laminate Floor. Laminate flooring consists of a compressed wood core, a printed design layer and a textured resin top layer, making it very tough and easy to look after. A popular alternative to wood flooring it can look (almost) as realistic as the real thing!

Luxury Vinyl. Available in tiles or sheets, vinyl is stylish practical flooring. Tough, durable and easy to clean, it is ideal for heavy wear areas in the family home. With limitless design and colour options, today's vinyl tiles are sold in packs & are a very popular option.

Borders & Motifs. It's so easy to customise your floor. Define your design with a beautiful border or create something unique with a pattered motif. Amtico® & Kardean® are masters of the art and we have loads of ideas on display in store.

Finishing Touches. From adhesive to skirting, door bars to pipe roses, there are a myriad of ways to finish your floor. Our experts will help and advise on the best solution and how to protect and take care of your new floor. Don't forget our FREE home estimating & planning service.


Underlay has multiple benefits when considering any type of new floor. Underlay acts as a shock absorber, increasing underfoot cushioning and comfort, and increasing the life of your carpet. There are a range of different types of underlay and our friendly experts are on hand to advise you on the best choice for your new floor.

Using the Right Underlay:
Improves underfoot comfort
Reduces flattening and helps maintain your carpets appearance
Helps absorb the pressure of foot traffic and reduces wear
Improves thermal insulation and warmth
Increases sound insulation
Smoothes out sub-floor imperfections
Will last the lifetime of the carpet

Using Poor or Old Underlay:
Feels hard and unwelcoming
Reduces the life of your carpet
Causes wrinkling and premature wear
Causes carpet fibres to break down faster
Does not meet British Standards