Not only is the Delta occasional collection truly beautiful, it's environmentally conscious as well. All of the solid timber in the furniture is reclaimed and hand-polished to create a contemporary rustic look. Salvaged from old barns, bridges and housing supports, the age and history of the wood means that slight gaps, cracks and variations in colour are not flaws but unique features that set each Delta piece apart ,with contrasting metal handles, this range’s variety and premium craftsmanship means you are sure to find exactly what you need for your home.

Delta - Tall BookcaseDelta - Tall Bookcase IN STOCK
£429.00 was £619.00
Delta - 2 Drawer Filing CabinetDelta - 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet
£399.00 was £575.00

Delta - DeskDelta - Desk IN STOCK
£389.00 was £559.00

Lyndon  - Desk Chair In Grey PULyndon  - Desk Chair In Grey PU NEW
£229.00 was £329.00

Lyndon  - Desk Chair In Tan PULyndon  - Desk Chair In Tan PU NEW
£229.00 was £329.00