One look at the gorgeous Crafton sofa collection and it’s clear that you’re about to experience otherworldly levels of comfort. Those ultra-deep cushions, scrolled arm pads and sumptuously soft fabric finishes invite you to recline and relax. This modern range more than delivers on its stunning looks with next level luxury and the kind of seating you can simply sink into.

You have the option to further enhance your comfort with manual or power recliner actions alongside the standard static option. There’s also a huge choice of designs and sizes in this range, including two-seater and three-seater sofas, cuddler sofas and chairs. There’s even a storage footstool for optimal comfort and practicality.

Cuddler Sofa Power Recliner - CraftonCuddler Sofa Power Recliner - Crafton
Arturo LimeDomaso EbonyArturo Steel
£1279.00 was £1,715.00
Power Recliner Chair - CraftonPower Recliner Chair - Crafton
Lovely EmeraldLovely EspressoArturo Charcoal
£1119.00 was £1,499.00

3 Seat Large Sofa - Crafton3 Seat Large Sofa - Crafton
Domaso AquaLovely MarbleLovely Espresso
£1099.00 was £1,469.00
2 Seat Small Sofa - Crafton2 Seat Small Sofa - Crafton
Arturo PinkLovely AtlanticLovely Turmeric
£1019.00 was £1,365.00

Manual Recliner Chair - CraftonManual Recliner Chair - Crafton
Lovely AsphaltEliana PigeonLovely Slate
£919.00 was £1,229.00

Cuddler Sofa - CraftonCuddler Sofa - Crafton
Arturo SteelArturo AzureLovely Powder
£869.00 was £1,159.00

Chair - CraftonChair - Crafton
Lovely OceanDomaso NaturalLovely Conifer
£699.00 was £945.00
Storage Footstool - CraftonStorage Footstool - Crafton
Arturo StoneLovely CeleryLovely Marble
£359.00 was £479.00