The contemporary Cordoba seating range delivers impeccable levels of comfort, style and quality. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the generous corner sofa design. Available in left-hand and right-hand options, the spacious and sumptuous seating is complemented by teardrop arms, simple modern legs and stunning accent cushions.

The exceptional levels of support never falter across these large luxurious pieces, which invite you to sit back and relax. You can combine other pieces in the Cordoba collection, including chaise and standard sofas, and matching footstools for that extra touch of comfort.

LHF Corner Group - CordobaLHF Corner Group - Cordoba
Barona Anchor GreyLumino Old RosePlush Slate
£1649.00 was £1,955.00
RHF Corner Group - CordobaRHF Corner Group - Cordoba
£1649.00 was £1,955.00

XXL Chaise Sofa - CordobaXXL Chaise Sofa - Cordoba
Lumino MinkBarona TealLumino Old Rose
£1449.00 was £1,705.00
XXL Sofa - CordobaXXL Sofa - Cordoba
Piero TealPiero TangerineBentley Marl
£1249.00 was £1,475.00

Large Chaise Sofa - CordobaLarge Chaise Sofa - Cordoba
Barona SkyBarona LimeLumino Teal Velvet
£1179.00 was £1,389.00
XL Sofa - CordobaXL Sofa - Cordoba
Piero ZincPlush CharcoalPlush Slate
£1149.00 was £1,355.00

Large Sofa - CordobaLarge Sofa - Cordoba
Lumino MineralPlush Paprika VelvetBentley Marl
£949.00 was £1,119.00

Small Sofa - CordobaSmall Sofa - Cordoba
Plush Tumeric VelvetLumino Teal VelvetLumino Midnight Blue
£919.00 was £1,085.00

Chair - CordobaChair - Cordoba
Plush IndigoLumino MineralPiero Teal
£619.00 was £735.00

Stool - CordobaStool - Cordoba
Piero TangerineBarona LimeBentley Silver
£339.00 was £399.00