The Cordoba seating collection is affordable luxury at its finest. Its contemporary styling includes sumptuous teardrop arms, eye-catching accent cushions and sleek modern legs to complete the look. These wonderful design details ensure your living room space stands out from the crowd, while maintaining a timeless appeal and exceptional level of comfort.

You can truly make the Cordoba your own, with a wide selection of fabric finishes to choose from. These smart designs are also available in a range of shapes and sizes, including spacious corner sofas, inviting chaise sofas and standard sofa designs. You can even add a co-ordinating footstool as a wonderful finishing touch.

LHF Corner Group - CordobaLHF Corner Group - Cordoba
Barona SkyPlush Tumeric VelvetPiero Teal
£1649.00 was £1,955.00
RHF Corner Group - CordobaRHF Corner Group - Cordoba
£1649.00 was £1,955.00

XXL Chaise Sofa - CordobaXXL Chaise Sofa - Cordoba
Barona TealBentley SilverLumino Mink
£1449.00 was £1,705.00
XXL Sofa - CordobaXXL Sofa - Cordoba
Barona SilverPiero ZincBentley Marl
£1249.00 was £1,475.00

Large Chaise Sofa - CordobaLarge Chaise Sofa - Cordoba
Bentley MarlBentley NaturalLumino Midnight Blue
£1179.00 was £1,389.00
XL Sofa - CordobaXL Sofa - Cordoba
Barona SilverPiero SunflowerLumino Platinum Velvet
£1149.00 was £1,355.00

Large Sofa - CordobaLarge Sofa - Cordoba
Barona SilverBentley SilverLumino Platinum Velvet
£949.00 was £1,119.00

Small Sofa - CordobaSmall Sofa - Cordoba
Barona TealPlush Paprika VelvetPlush Charcoal
£919.00 was £1,085.00

Chair - CordobaChair - Cordoba
Lumino Charcoal VelvetLumino MinkPlush Tumeric Velvet
£619.00 was £735.00

Stool - CordobaStool - Cordoba
Piero SmokePiero SunflowerLumino Platinum Velvet
£339.00 was £399.00