The Caruso sofa range features contemporary and cosy designs that won't look out of place in any modern home. Including sofas, in a variety of sizes, they're spacious and stylish, so you have plenty of room for friends and family to sit back and relax. The smooth fabric design not only looks great but feels great too. With a cushioned backrest and sumptuous fibre-filled cushioning, the Caruso sofa range is the perfect place to curl up and unwind. The heavenly comfort doesn't stop there. This range fuses exquisite design with functionality to ensure total relaxation. An integrated control allows you to either rise or recline your corner sofa at the touch of a button. Each design comes in a range of sizes and colours, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your home. Discover the full range here.

Caruso - Corner Group RHF ChaiseCaruso - Corner Group RHF Chaise
BLJ-20 BisqueSkyland-48 Moss GreenBLJ-22 Dove Grey
£2099.00 was £2698.00
Caruso - Corner Group LHF ChaiseCaruso - Corner Group LHF Chaise
Skyland-44 Parisian BlueSkyland-40 Wild DoveBLJ-10 Blue
£2099.00 was £2698.00

Caruso - 2.5 Seat Sofa In FabricCaruso - 2.5 Seat Sofa In Fabric
Skyland-40 Wild DoveMAD-08 Pacific BlueBLJ-16 Grey
£799.00 was £1005.00

Caruso - 2 Seat Sofa In FabricCaruso - 2 Seat Sofa In Fabric
BLJ-21 WalnutSkyland-44 Parisian BlueBLJ-05 Hazelnut
£679.00 was £855.00

Caruso - Chair In FabricCaruso - Chair In Fabric
MAD-08 Pacific BlueBLJ-22 Dove GreySkyland-37 Dusty Teal
£449.00 was £565.00

Generic Footstool - Footstool
NC-722A TaupeNC-232E GraniteNC-023C Black
£325.00 was £409.00

Caruso - Footstool In FabricCaruso - Footstool In Fabric
BLJ-05 HazelnutSkyland-31 Charcoal GrayBLJ-21 Walnut
£169.00 was £215.00