Choosing low back dining chairs is easy thanks to our extensive range of options at Fishpools. Our range of dining chairs offers a selection of stunning, expertly crafted low back chairs that provide comfortable seating and excellent lumbar support.

Many of our gorgeous dining tables don’t come with matching chairs, giving you the perfect opportunity to pick your own and create a completely unique dining set-up for your home. Here are a few key considerations to find the perfect dining chairs for your needs.

Considering scale

The scale of your dining table and your dining chairs need to be compatible. You need to consider both the width and length of your dining table, but also the height to ensure you have enough distance and space to sit comfortably at your table.

It’s important to find chairs that will fit properly under your table to avoid discomfort and potential damage. The chairs you place at each end of a table of any shape should be able to slide comfortably underneath the table without impacting its base, pedestal or legs. Another golden rule is to leave enough space between each chair for a cosy but spacious arrangement.

When looking for dining chairs you should also consider the depth and width of the seats themselves to ensure that you create a comfortable seating arrangement. Our range at Fishpools offers a selection of chairs with different seating sizes, ranging from deep cushioned seats to simple dining benches and chairs.

The dining chairs you choose may also have additional upholstery or cushioning on them, or you might choose to add additional scatter cushions to your chairs. Bear in mind that this will add extra height to your seating arrangement, so you need to be sure that you can still sit comfortably at your dining table regardless of this height.

Back heights

Low back dining chairs offer a stylish look and, depending on the style, some mid-back support as well. Our range includes both upholstered dining chairs and dining benches, the latter which provides an outdoors-inspired feel while taking up minimal room in your dining area.

Here are our top picks for low back dining chairs to get your inspiration flowing!

Fishpools’ top 5 low back dining chairs

1. Livorno Dining Set

This elegant Livorno Dining Set comes complete with a contemporary dining table, an LHF corner bench, and a stylish dining bench in natural shades of taupe. Featuring sturdy metal legs and a ceramic table top, this set contains everything you need to create a contemporary dining setting with ease.

2. Jackson 240cm Suar Baumtich Bench

The Jackson Bench is a charmingly rustic low back dining bench made from solid oiled timber and a robust metal base. Boasting a depth and height of 44cm each, this bench promotes comfortable seating that can easily be stored underneath your dining table when not in use.

3. Daniel Velvet Swivel Dining Chair

The Daniel Velvet Swivel Dining Chair boasts slender metal legs and a range of fine velvet finishes for a relaxed and sophisticated look.

4. Delta 140cm Bench

Add rustic, geometric charm to your dining area with the Delta Bench. Salvaged from old barns, bridges and housing supports, the distressed materials will add plenty of character and comfort to your dining room.

5. Brampton Faux Leather Dining Chair

Low back dining chairs don’t get any better than the Brampton Faux Leather Dining Chair. This elegant chair is available in a range of fine fabrics and faux leathers, and promises to add contemporary style to any British home.

Browse our exclusive range of dining chairs online at Fishpools and find your ideal match today!