A garden furniture set with a rising table is as practical as it is stylish and novel. This brilliant invention allows you to customise the height of your garden table as needed, whether you need to lower it for a summer picnic or raise it for an elegant dinner party with friends.

Here at Fishpools, we offer a wide range of stunning corner garden dining sets and sofa sets with rising table options to help you pick the perfect choice for your outdoor area. Perfect for relaxing and entertaining alike, our range looks at home outdoors, on a patio or balcony, or even in a conservatory!

Find your ideal garden set with a rising table

Our exclusive range boasts a number of different garden sets with rising table options to suit your individual needs and design preferences. Our collection includes a versatile compact corner garden dining sets, rattan ranges and options for smaller spaces as well.

Our rattan corner dining with rising table sets are a particular favourite of British home owners, who adore elegant weave and modern contemporary style. Each set comes complete with corner sofas, benches and a rising table to keep you delightfully comfortable, no matter what the occasion may be.

Our garden dining sets with a rising table pieces are also fully UV protected, maintenance free, and designed for all weather, allowing you to leave them in place all year around. UV protection protects your set against sun damage and discolouration, while ensuring that it will remain structurally sound and supportive for years to come. Made according to Full UK FR Standard, each garden set promises quality and comfort that lasts, at a price you will love.

Why a rising table?

There are so many reasons why you should consider investing in a garden dining set with a rising table. Rising tables are exceptionally convenient and simple to use, and enable you to customise your garden furniture set-up according to your needs and those of your guests.

You could, for instance, raise your table to give your adult guests extra leg room and ensure that they are comfortable for hours, or lower your table to give younger guests access to the spread of treats and beverages you’ve prepared. You can also lower or raise your rising table to ensure that you optimise your posture while sitting, which can help to prevent musculoskeletal injuries and back strain while you’re socialising, dining, working or playing outside. The possibilities are endless!

Invest in comfort and style

Our garden sets with rising tables offer everything you need to relax and entertain outdoors in supreme comfort and eye-catching style.

Browse our complete collection of garden furniture and garden décor online and find sophisticated rattan corner sofa rising table sets, corner garden dining sets with rising table options, and a host of other choices to complement your outdoor living spaces.