The summer is the perfect time to spend some quality time relaxing and unwinding in the garden. And when it comes to entertaining friends and family, you’d struggle to name a better time of the year – with its long evenings and balmy temperatures, we’d go so far as to say that it beats Christmas (a controversial call, we know!).

With that in mind, we decided to look at the best ways that you can prepare your garden for the gorgeous summer sun. Let’s dive straight in with our top summer garden ideas.

1. Take your spring-cleaning outside in preparation for summer

Our gardens are often in a bit of a sorry state by the time that the summer finally rolls around. Put another way, our patio area is often in need of a good spring-clean in advance of the summer months.

Once you’ve finished cleaning the decks, reward yourself for all of your hard work by adding a rattan sun bed to your patio.

2. Mow your way to a beautiful summer lawn

The thought of getting your lawn in order for the summer months may not fill your heart with joy. Maintaining a magnificent-looking lawn can prove very rewarding indeed.

It’s also a must if you’re taking your summer garden preparations even halfway seriously. Start by removing weeds from your garden and getting rid of any debris that you find littering your lawn area.

Once you’ve mowed to your heart’s content, add a little something extra with our extensive range of garden decorations. Quite often, it’s the decorative touches that really make a difference.

3. Install some garden furniture

If your garden furniture is looking a little tired following a harsh, unforgiving winter – or if you’re simply in the mood for bringing high-quality, durable furniture to your garden area – it may be high time to refresh your outdoor furniture set-up.

We’d struggle to think of very many better places to start than with a smart, sassy Mauritius set. This collection is ideal for relaxing or entertaining, and it works perfectly both within a conservatory and outdoors in the garden.

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4. Put some shrimp on that barbie

There are few things that we love more than invitations to barbecues. For many of us, however, barbecues are something that we’re happy to let other people host and organise, as opposed to something that we intend on getting involved with ourselves.

Happily, we’re on hand to make your outdoor entertaining a breeze this summer.  A great way to prepare food outside and bring your friends and family together is with a fire pit.

Our Bahama range of garden furniture represents the pinnacle of outdoor living. This set is crafted with powder coated aluminium framework, which offers protection from rust even in the cold and damp.

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5. Enjoy long summer’s evenings to remember

Whilst the evenings do become much longer in the balmy summer months, it’s well worth taking the time to find lighting solutions for the exterior of your home in advance of the summer season: we all love to party late into the night, and it would be a shame to have to withdraw indoors as midnight approaches.

Ensure that your outside of your house receives the illumination that it needs with our range of garden lighting solutions.