There’s no better way to give your room a quick refresh than an accessories update, and scatter cushions can change the look of any living area or bedroom in an instant! With so many different options to choose from, here are our top tips for dressing a sofa and bed with cushions to help you create the perfect arrangement for your home.

How to match cushions to your sofa and bed

The key to successfully matching cushions to your sofa and bed really depends on the overall look and feel you’re trying to achieve in your living room or bedroom. You can coordinate your cushions with existing décor, pair bold prints with neutral tonnes and layer textures to style your sofa and bed.

Be brave with bright coloured cushions

It’s easy to replace scatter cushions whenever you fancy a refresh, so there’s no reason to shy away from bold seasonal colours and on-trend patterns. Use your cushions as an opportunity to unleash your style and go bold with colourful cushions! Experiment with different colour combinations or mix and match textures to find what works best with your décor.

Mix it up with different styles of cushions

Cushions come in lots of different shapes and sizes, and the key to creating a luxurious looking arrangement is choosing a mix of small and large scatters.

Incorporating different shapes is a great way to revitalise a room, with hard or soft angles used to compliment your existing larger furniture. If you’ve opted for a lot of hard edges, like rectangular coffee tables or a modern sofa, then round scatter cushions are great for softening up the look and feel of a room, bringing a cosy element to your everyday living.

Bolster cushions are easy to layer up with larger sizes, so if you’re looking for more of a statement cushion then these are definitely the styles you want to be adding in. Choose bright and bold colours for accents in more neutral living rooms and bedrooms or soften the colours with rich navy’s or blue’s to add a cooling effect to the overall scheme.

Choose contrasting colours with the right cushion colour combinations

It can be tempting to choose cushions that tone in with your choice of sofa or bed, but contrasting colours can make your interior design pop and help you tie in your design with other areas of the room. Think about mixing bright orange with deep navy blues for a striking finish, or mint green tones with blush pink for a playful combination.

Tips for sofa and bed styling

Introduce texture

When styling your sofa or bed, cushions with different fabrics and textures create an extra cosy arrangement; think faux fur or velvet that’s soft to the touch. Similarly, cushions with frills, embroidery or textured elements can create a beautiful focal point in your home. Layer up intricate designs with plain coloured scatters featuring similar colours for a chic, curated arrangement.

Cluster patterns in groups

If you opt for patterned cushions on your sofa or bed, cluster the cushions together for the best effect. For example, cluster two geometric patterned cushions together and place matching colour block cushions in between for added depth.  

Arrange the cushions by size

Layering cushions is a great way to style your bed, but it’s important to arrange them by size. Add between three and six cushions and group them by size, with the smallest cushions at the front and the biggest at the back of your arrangement.

On your sofa, why not try cushions of different sizes and shapes? Using a combination of rectangular, square and circular cushions also gives an illusion of different heights.

Get cosy by dressing your sofa and bed with cushions

Your sofa styling and bed styling doesn’t have to be limited to scatter cushions. Add even more volume and texture to your cosy corner with a plush throw that co-ordinates with your colour scheme. The same can work for the bedroom, too, by adding a bedspread at the foot of your bed. Extra style and extra comfort – win win!

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