Sideboards provide the perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality. Delivering storage solutions for any room, they also give you an opportunity to add a personal touch. Here are some top tips to keep in mind when it comes to how to dress a sideboard for ultimate visual impact.

Choose Décor That Complements Your Sideboard Finish

When looking for your sideboard décor ideas, make sure you consider the finish. Accentuate warm wood tones with décor in earthy green shades, eggplant purple or warm reds. If the wood grain is already quite characterful, you can leave this as a focal point and instead introduce items in more neutral or monochrome tones.

Meanwhile, black or white sideboards can be accented with pops of colour. These decorative pieces can also provide colour references for other items in your space. For example, you can add plant pots, lamps or picture frames that tie in with tones in rugs or sofas. This creates a sense of consistency.

Introduce Texture With Your Sideboard Décor

Sideboard with home accessories

As well as colour, you should also consider the texture of items when dressing your sideboard. This adds visual interest and can really bring a sideboard design to life.

Play around with mixing and matching home accessories with different textures to make a statement. Just remember to avoid adding too many competing items, as this could end up confusing the overall design. Plants are always a safe choice and can bring a sense of freshness and life to your home. You can even opt for faux plants if you want a low maintenance alternative. Other good options include metallic trays, porcelain vases and glass picture frames.

Strike a Balance

Three is a magic number when it comes to dressing a sideboard. Grouping three items together works very well and makes your layout look nice and balanced. You can create a sense of symmetry by positioning groups of three items across your sideboard. However, remember there are no set rules on how to dress a sideboard, so each side doesn’t have to be identical.

Another top tip for achieving balance when decorating your sideboard is to group similar items together. Cluster items like candles, books, plants or vases together in groups of three for a thoughtful layout.

Add Practical Additions to Your Sideboard Design

Georgetown sideboard

While sideboards are an ideal opportunity to add decorative touches, they can also be wonderfully practical. Hallway sideboard ideas can include letter holders and a tray for house keys. Sideboards in a living room can be a home for books, candles and table lamps, while those in the dining room can proudly display dinnerware.

These additions can complement more decorative items. You can consider placing pictures and prints on the sideboard or hanging them on the wall directly above. Alternatively, for both practicality and aesthetic, you can introduce mirrors to your sideboard. These reflect the surroundings and are particularly effective when hung above a sideboard opposite greenery in the garden.