Open plan living allows us to create interior design layouts which effortlessly flow together for a sense of space and seamless style. However, when it comes to combining a living room and dining room layout, this can require some careful thought. It’s important that a space remains stylish yet functional, and isn’t hampered by visual clutter. Check out our top living room dining room combo layout ideas below for inspiration.

Keep it minimalistic

One way to ensure a consistent style across a living dining room layout is to keep your colour palette neutral and your décor minimalistic. This means opting for dining tables with clean lines and sofas in neutral shades, for instance. This doesn’t mean compromising on any sense of individuality and personality, though. You can still add accents through additions like scatter cushions and wall art. In fact, the unfussy layout will help to draw more focus to those key pieces. Less really can be more with open plan living.

Create clear divisions

Cleveland three seat sofa
Cleveland three seat sofa

This approach works particularly well for long, rectangular rooms. Adding a piece of furniture which creates a visual divide will help you separate the look and feel of your living and dining room layouts. The partition doesn’t have to be a piece of furniture that feels out of place either. A dining table placed behind a corner sofa, for example, will work well, as will a bookcase or display unit, making for a practical addition that adds to the overall aesthetic. This also allows you to enjoy different but co-ordinating designs in each of the spaces. Just make sure they work in sync, with certain shades or decorative touches tying them together.

Consider storage solutions

When one room has to work to serve two different functions, it’s likely there’s going to be a lot of different items that need to be thoughtfully stored away. That means stylish storage solutions are crucial. For your dining room layout, you can include sideboards to store away place mat settings and cutlery, while bar trolleys can be a wonderfully convenient addition for entertaining.

For the living room layout, it’s a good idea to utilise your vertical space. This can free up floor space and add a contemporary touch to your room. Wall systems can offer a fantastic alternative to TV units, providing plenty of clever space for your screen, speakers and any decorative items you want to display.

Work with the space you have

Ultimately, every home is different. While these living room dining room combo layout ideas can help you achieve an interior that works for you, it’s important that you consider how much space you actually have to play with. If you need an adaptable space that can accommodate dinner guests, for example, you can add an extending dining table. Alternatively, bar stools can be a space-saving dining options for those with more compact homes.

Put thought into your layout and the pieces that will work in it and be sure to browse our collection to find the ideal furniture for any living and dining room layout.