A well-chosen wardrobe can completely transform your bedroom space. From enhancing your interior design to providing effortless storage space, they make an excellent investment. However, it’s important to choose the right one for you. That’s why we’re here with wardrobe ideas to bring you some beautiful bedroom inspiration.

Space Saving Wardrobe Ideas to Utilise Your Bedroom Layout

When it comes to choosing the right wardrobe, you’ll want to consider your bedroom layout. One of the best space saving wardrobe ideas is to choose sliding door wardrobes. These are ideal for more compact bedrooms, as they provide easy access to the internal storage with no additional floorspace required.

Internal storage solutions can also help you stay organised with ease. Our sliding and hinged door wardrobes can be configured to include a mixture of shelving, hanging rails and internal drawers. This means you can tailor them to suit your needs, allowing you to stow away your fashion and footwear items in style.

Clever Wardrobe Storage Ideas to Stay Organised

There are so many wardrobe organiser ideas to help you keep everything looking as great inside your wardrobes as they do on the outside.

If you have a large collection of clothes, you can consider rotating items based on their seasonality. For example, during summer, you can vacuum pack bulky winter pieces, and vice versa. That way, you can stow them away from your more in-demand wardrobe areas.

You can keep everything nice and organised by adding clothes dividers to separate different items, such as shirts and dresses. This will make getting ready every day even easier. You can even consider utilising otherwise neglected areas of your wardrobe, by hanging hooks for bags on the inside of wardrobe doors.

The wardrobe storage ideas that work best for you depends on the the type of clothing items you have and how regularly you use them. Of course, discovering your ideal configuration of hanging rails, shelves and drawers is a great starting point.

Wardrobe Design Ideas to Elevate Your Interiors

Your wardrobes aren’t just a practical addition to your bedroom: they can also complement the aesthetics of your space. Coloured glass finishes like those in our Nova wardrobe collection and Akita wardrobe range look chic and contemporary.

If you prefer a more classic look, wooden finishes like the reclaimed timber in our Delta range add warmth. Or, you could opt for the minimalist and timeless white painted finish in our Lace wardrobe collection.

Your wardrobe door finish can also bring a practical touch to your room. Mirrored panels, such as those in our sleek Reflection range, can be a great addition to your morning routine too.

Complementing Your Wardrobe Ideas with Bedroom Furniture

Wardrobes are just one part of your bedroom layout. It’s also important to match them up with the style and finish of your other bedroom furniture items. This helps you to create a consistent interior design style.

You can also extend your storage space with additional furniture pieces. Items like ottoman storage beds and blanket boxes can provide a place to keep out of season clothing items, for example.

Madison mirrored bedroom range

Bedside chests can also be a great choice for increasing your storage options. Our Madison drawer cabinet or Bianca drawer bedside chest can help you illuminate your room further, seamlessly continuing the style of your mirrored wardrobe doors.

Whatever vision you have for your bedroom, there are endless wardrobe ideas to help your space stay stunning and superbly organised.