Our gardens provide us with a sanctuary in the great outdoors. However, when garden space is limited, it can be difficult to know the best design practices to follow. Without the luxury of sprawling lawns, you may need to get a little more creative. But that doesn’t mean a small garden can’t be big when it comes to impact. Here are some top tips on how to design a small garden that feels both stylish and spacious.

Find Garden Furniture That Fits Your Space

Garden furniture can add practicality and comfort to a garden. But choosing the wrong type for your small garden design can make your space feel even more restricted. Think carefully about how you want to utilise your garden. You may not be able to fit both garden dining sets and sofa sets into your garden space.

Whichever you choose though, avoid bulky garden furniture pieces that will dominate the aesthetic of your garden. If you do want spacious seating options though, opt for casual and corner dining sets, such as our Mauritius corner dining set with rising table. These can be used to cleverly utilise otherwise neglected corner space in your garden.

Additionally, choose lightweight, durable and low-maintenance furniture like our aluminium garden sets. These will also make it easier for you to switch up your small garden design when you wish to in the future. Our South Beach rectangular dining set in grey aluminium is an ideal choice.

Create Spaces with Consistency

If you’re wanting to enjoy a dedicated seating or dining space in your small garden, you can create separate sections. This can be achieved by adding barriers, such as bamboo divides, trellis, archways, blocks of foliage or even different flooring types. The addition of dramatic focal points like water features and fire pit sets can also help to create desired atmospheres in different parts of the garden.

Remember that the rule of three should still apply to small garden designs though. Don’t use more than three different flooring materials. Also, try to stick to three colours in your garden palette to create coherence and consistency outdoors.

Outdoor rattan grey storage box

Another great small garden idea when creating different sections is to ensure you stay organised, so it doesn’t end up feeling cluttered. Garden accessories like an outdoor storage box can be great for stowing cushions and items out of sight when not in use.

Plant Brightly Coloured Flowers

Of course, colour is also crucial to pulling off any small garden designs. This doesn’t just apply to the colour of your fences and furniture but also the types of foliage you choose. Flowers in whites, blues and light purples will make your garden feel more open and spacious.

You can even use plants to help compartmentalise your garden, adding darker flowers or pops of brighter colours like red or yellow to create a different atmosphere in different sections.

Pretty flowers blooming in garden

When adding flowers and plants to your garden, it’s also a good idea to keep them in pots or containers. This gives you more flexibility to rearrange things when you want, ensuring you’re always able to try out new small garden ideas on a budget.

Utilise Height

Drawing attention upwards in a small garden will help make your entire outdoor space feel larger than it is. Use your fences, walls or even the side of a shed or garage to add visual interest. Creeping plants like jasmin nudiflorum (winter jasmin), parthenocissus henryana and honeysuckle are just some options for adding height, colour and texture to your garden, but there are plenty more to choose from.

Alternatively, you can use hanging baskets and window boxes to make the most of the vertical height around your house. You can even opt for adding ornamental and decorative trees, like cherry blossom, which achieve that height without taking up too much ground space in your garden.

Don’t Compromise on Privacy

You can apply all those great small garden design ideas about creating divides and utilising height to ensure you keep your garden feeling private. It’s common for smaller gardens to be overlooked, so think carefully about your small garden layout.

Pergolas and parasols can also be an easy solution to restrict the view into your garden. Put some thought into where you set up your dining/seating area too, so you can relax in the quietest part of your garden.