Whether you’re considering a total revamp or just adding a splash of colour, introducing a new accent tone into your interior is easy. Warm and relaxing in winter yet fresh and uplifting during summer months, turmeric is incredibly versatile and it’s also one of our favourite hues here at Fishpools. 

Bold Bed Frame

One of the most fun and unexpected ways to introduce colour into your home, a gorgeous turmeric bed will really centre your bedroom and become a stunning focal point.

Upholstered in a plush turmeric velvet, the Kew Bed Frame Low Foot End (bellow) provides a simple pop of colour that can be dressed up or dressed down.

Kew Bed Frame

Top tip: a grey and turmeric colour scheme is ideal for the bedroom as it helps to strike the balance between energy and tranquillity.

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Statement sofa

A statement sofa is the perfect opportunity to play with colour in the living room. A yellow sofa does pack quite a punch, if styled right then you’ll find that it’s never overpowering. As winter approaches, you may wish to drape your sofa in a cosy throw in creams and comforting browns.

With its lavishly wide deep fibre cushions, and scatter cushions for added support the Colorado sofa collection is designed with comfort in mind!

Colorado Standard Back Small Sofa
Colorado Standard Back Small Sofa in Plush Turmeric Velvet

Accent chair

If you want to add a new dimension to your space, we suggested shaking up your interior with a bold accent chair.

Dressed in luxury velvet, the Lottie Accent Chair is inspired by the glamorous shapes of the Art deco period. The striking opulent apricot is perfect for brightening up any neutral scheme.

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Lottie Accent Chair
Lottie Accent Chair in Velvet Apricot

Turmeric accessories

When it comes to turmeric a little can go a long way. Incorporate a more muted colour scheme to create a relaxing environment boosted by that little burst of brightness.

These accessories would brighten the dullest of days:

Top tip: turmeric works well with both dark and lighter colours; with its underlying warmth, pairs well with cooler greys, taupe, clay tones and crisp white.

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