One of the biggest challenges when it comes to interior design is the clever utilisation of space – especially when that space is at a premium. According to recent research, British homes are becoming smaller than they were in previous generations and the bedroom is one room that is hardest hit. In a decade, the average master bedroom has shrunk in size by 0.30m2, meaning small bedroom design has had to get smarter.

Regardless of the size and shape of your bedroom, there are plenty of clever tips and tricks you can follow if you’re wondering how to make a small bedroom look bigger. Follow our advice and you can keep your bedroom feeling like a spacious sanctuary.

Get clever with your storage solutions

There’s a wide variety of items that need to be stored away in the bedroom – from clothes and footwear to bedding and accessories. If these aren’t stowed out of sight, then your room will quickly start to feel cluttered and claustrophobic. That means you’ll have to get smart with your storage.

One of the best small bedroom ideas for minimising visual clutter in your room is ottoman storage beds. These provide an abundance of storage under the bed without taking up any additional floor space. They’re particularly ideal if you have limited wardrobe space, as you can use them to stow away clothing when it’s out of season – freeing up your closet for the clothes you want to wear now.

Fishpools ottmoan storage bed

Another great option for small bedroom storage are side tables but opt for ones with in-built drawers to give you more space. Additionally, blanket boxes can be a stylish place to store bigger, bulkier items. Just keep your small bedroom layout in mind and position these at the foot of the bed or under a window so as not to interrupt the flow of your décor.

Utilise space for shelving

Another great tip for those wondering how to make a small bedroom look bigger is to make the most of vertical space. Investing in shelves that frame the bed not only delivers shelving space but can also double up as a side table – reducing the amount of furniture items you need. On top of that, recessing the bed into the shelving can also create the illusion that the wall is much deeper than it really is.

Similarly, mounting shelves and bookcases frees up floor space while allowing you to personalise your interior by displaying decorative items. No matter how limited your bedroom space is, there’s no need to compromise on its aesthetic. By putting a bit of thought into the type of furniture you purchase and where it should go in your small bedroom layout, you will have plenty of freedom to add your own finishing touches.

Choose furniture with legs

Pagoda bedroom collection

When it comes to picking out your small bedroom furniture, it’s a good idea to choose items that have exposed legs. Elevating your bedroom furniture helps to create a lighter and more spacious feeling in the room. For example, a chunky chest of drawers which sits directly on your bedroom floor is going to make your space feel a lot more restricted than something like the Pagoda drawer chest, which ensures more of your bedroom floor is visible.

It’s important to keep the space below these items clear and well-organised though. Don’t be tempted to place big items underneath your furniture, as this will make it look much busier. Keep it simple to ensure your furniture design is exaggerating the feeling of space in your room.

Create an illusion with mirrors

Mirrors are the ideal small bedroom inspiration, creating the illusion of more space. They do this by reflecting light around the room, while also adding a sense of height and depth. However, be mindful of where you place them.

Fishpools New Cattelan mirror

Generally, the taller the mirror, the better but you should also make sure they are positioned in a way that means you can use them practically as well. If you’re attaching a mirror to a bare wall, fix it at head height, for example. You can also put freestanding mirrors near windows to more effectively reflect light around the room.

Opt for bright, neutral colours

Just like the reflective surfaces of mirrors, brighter colours on the wall can help reflect light and make your space feel roomier. Try to stay away from dark colours, which can make your bedroom feel more closed off. Neutral shades can also be ideal for coordination throughout the room’s furniture and soft furnishings, creating fluidity in your small bedroom layout.

You don’t have to completely forego vibrancy with your small bedroom furniture, though. Pops of colour can be added with accent cushions and decorative items. You can also use pictures to create one focal point on the wall. This can draw the eye upwards and focus attention, making the entire small room layout feel more open and thought-through.