We’ve all been spending more time at home lately. As a result, those bare walls and lacklustre room layouts may have become more noticeable than ever. Well, there’s no need to shy away from showing off your décor on those Zoom calls thanks to our favourite home accessories.

With these stylish additions, you can get ahead of the curve. Here are some of the best accessories from our range to help you take your home to the next level and stay on top of the latest interior design trends.

Oksana Jumbo Textured Blue Cushion Large

For something, a little different, our contemporary, lavish and artistic Oksana Cushion is the perfect choice for something a little more unique to your home. A cushion choice that will be a stand-out piece within your home, grabbing the attention of guests with its bold and striking design.

Osakana Cushion

Our home accessories ideas make the ideal housewarming gift for someone, or just to add an extra touch to your room.

Mystic Medium Silver Lamp

For the perfect lamp, suitable for a wide range of room designs our Mystic Medium Silver Lamp is the ideal choice. This beautiful and striking table lamp range will create a focal point within the room, being a stand-out piece. Each light is handblown decorated glass making them a unique and special piece for your home.

Decorative home accessories make the ideal on trend gift. A well-chosen table lamp can subtly transform any space, literally illuminating your interiors. Go for one with an ethnic inspiration, whether it’s boasting a gold metallic finish, textured base or statement shape.

Full Skeleton Clock

Open plan living spaces particularly benefit from the metallic tones and clean lines of industrial design. And what better way to introduce these things than with our stunning full skeleton clock. With a stunning finish and unique style, this is sure to be a stand-out piece for your wall sure to flatter any room.

Reclaimed Wooden Mirrors

Fairmont Reclaimed Timbers Wall Mirror

Sustainable fashion has boomed in recent years, with an ethical approach to interior design enjoying a spotlight in 2021. Materials such as wood are replacing plastics and wall mirrors can provide the ideal opportunity to showcase this sustainable material.

Opting for a mirror with a frame from reclaimed wood will not only look great in your home but is great for the environment too. Combine two 2021 design trends by picking a light wood grain.

Fuss-Free Faux Plants

Faux Succulent Arrangement

House plants add a sense of freshness and vibrancy to the home. However, there’s nothing sadder than realising you forgot to water them and you’re now left with a brown and wilting lifeless plant.

Thankfully, you can enjoy all the aesthetics of bringing the outdoors in without any of the hassle. Our collection of realistic faux plants come in a range of design, making them a fantastic pick when choosing gifts for the home.