When it comes to deciding the best mattress to buy, you need to take many considerations into account. Construction, comfort and, of course, price all play important parts in your choice. But, do you know enough about the different types of mattress to make the right decision?

We’ve brought together all the information you need in this handy mattress buying guide. This not only explains what you get for your money, but also why choosing the right mattress is so important. You might rethink how much you’re willing to spend after reading this mattress guide!

You might have seen the title of this article and thought you could never justify a £10,000 option. However, once you start to understand what goes into the best mattresses and the benefits they offer, you might be surprised…


Mattress construction options

Mattress construction

There’s never ben a bigger choice of mattresses, from pocket sprung to gel mattresses. No matter what your budget or the type of mattress you’re after, there’s one out there that’s perfect for you. Our mattress type guide will cover the most common mattress options. This includes everything from the most cost-effective to the best mattress for bad back pain.

Foam mattress construction

Foam is a cheaper option and usually refers to reflex foam, which springs back to its original shape after use. It also maintains a good level of airflow between the mattress and the sleeper.

Open coil mattress
Alpha Comfort open coil mattress

Open coil mattress construction

Open coil (also known as ‘sprung’) is another low-cost choice. It features unpocketed springs, creating an interlocked matrix within a fabric cover. It’s notoriously good for providing firm support, and is a traditional choice.

Latex mattress construction

Latex is a mid-price choice that offers exceptional comfort and is hypoallergenic. It is more responsive than foam, but it commands a higher price.

Memory foam mattress construction

Memory foam shapes itself to the contours of a sleeper’s body, making it comfortable and responsive. It distributes body weight evenly across the entire surface.

Memory foam mattress
Uno Platinum Revive memory foam mattress

Medical grade foam also responds to the sleeper’s weight and shape. Unlike memory foam though, it does not require body heat for the mattress surface to soften. This means it provides immediate comfort and support to help you maintain a neutral position for proper spinal alignment.

Hybrid mattress construction

Hybrid mattresses combine two support systems to create a comfortable and healthy sleep surface. Often, memory foam comes in the form of a ‘topper’, above springs, to offer a firm yet snuggly mattress. Pillow top mattresses are very similar in construction. They have a comfort top layer added to a normal mattress below.

Pocket sprung mattress construction

Pocket sprung is widely regarded as one of the best mattress options in terms of support and quality construction. Individual coils are housed inside a fabric pocket, making them respond individually to body pressure. This is as opposed to responding to an individual as a whole, like open-coil varieties. This is a costlier construction method and the price usually reflects this.

Pocket sprung mattress

Layered pocket springs are two or more stacked rows of springs for extra support and bounce and are usually very expensive.

Now you know what goes into the making of a mattress, let’s take a look at some of the best options currently on the market. We’ve also broken up our mattress buying guide into three clearly defined price brackets. This way, you can easily find the best one for your budget.

£100 mattresses

Mattress lifestyle image

For this price, we will be looking at what £100-£750 gets you in terms of the best cheap mattress. Don’t get caught up with the word ‘cheap’. Manufacturers have a duty of care to produce supportive and well-made mattresses for every budget. This means you can definitely find some good-value options, such as the following:

Open coil mattresses

Alpha Comfort

Featuring a 24cm thick open-coil, twin-sided design, this mattress is cost-effective. It also offers excellent longevity, as well as comfort and support. A five-year warranty adds extra peace of mind and you can choose from three sizes: single, double and king.

Pinnacle Ortho

This twin sided mattress features a framed 12.5-gauge spring unit and multiple filings. It is finished with a high loft micro quilted damask top and side stitched effect border. This is also an affordable option which provides a firm feel for complete support.

Sealy Alder Wool

The Alder Wool Deluxe mattress adapts to your body thanks to its PostureTech core supporting spring system with smart fibres. Its zoned construction includes a mixture of layers, such as foam, wool and polyester, to deliver a delightful night’s sleep.

Foam mattresses

Uno Platinum Revive

The Uno Platinum Revive is the answer to peaceful slumber. This memory foam mattress has ergonomic profiling for alleviation from aches and pains. It’s low maintenance, with no turn required. It also boasts adaptive technology with an anti-microbial treatment to keep you feeling cool and supported.


This is a three-layer foam mattress designed to support, cool and comfort the sleeper all at once. The Leesa concentrates on providing pressure relief, regardless of preferred sleeping position. This makes it a candidate for the best mattress for side sleepers.

Silentnight Eco Comfort

Mattresses with an eco-friendly twist, the Eco Comfort range is free of all chemical treatments. On top of that, every item is fully recyclable. These mattresses are made from fibres created from 100% recycled plastic bottles. They’re proof that comfort doesn’t have to come with an environmental price tag.

Silentnight Studio

The Studio mattress is available in three comfort levels: medium, medium-soft or medium-firm. This ensures it appeals to every sleeper. There are also four sizes to choose from. All have a gel layer to prevent overheating and a comfortable, soft woven cover.

Hybrid mattresses

Black and white mattress close up

Moonstone Memory Easy Care  

The Moonstone Memory Easy Care offers all the comfort of memory foam with a low maintenance design. This non-turn option features open-coil spring technology with a layer of memory foam. A patterned top is a finishing touch that ensures it looks as good as it feels.

Dreamworld Oasis 1000

This fantastically affordable boxed mattress brings comfort and convenience together. As the name suggests, it boasts 1000 pocket springs and a foam encapsulated system to help you drift off. You can also ensure you enjoy your mattress for years to come, with a 10-year guarantee.

Kaymed K3 Gel

Constructed from a 3D cell structure using natural oils, the K3 Gel is a top layer offering instant pressure-point relief. It does this by moulding itself to the sleeper’s body. Enhanced air circulation regulates body temperature and adds extra comfort to the springs.

OTTY Essential Hybrid

The Essential Hybrid combines 14cm pocket springs and gel-infused memory foam. This boxed mattress focuses on offering high-quality support at a lower price point. It has the highest ratio of springs-to-foam in the industry at 70:30.

OTTY Hybrid

The OTTY Hybrid is excellent value for money. It has pocketed springs, temperature regulating memory foam and high-density reflex foam mid and base layers. The side panels also deliver improved airflow. All this is wrapped up in a hypoallergenic cover. OTTY will take your old mattress away for you, too.

Silentnight Geltex

The Geltex range is provably superior to standard latex and memory foam. It offers superior spinal alignment, breathability and pressure relief. This collection also has a super elastic and open structure for optimum body temperature.

Sprung mattresses

Silentnight Signature

Comprising an array of construction styles, the Signature range focuses on old-fashioned comfort. There is plenty of choice in this range. You can choose pocket springs with a memory-foam top layer or gel-cooled and natural fibre options.

Memory foam mattresses

Uno Platinum memory foam mattress

Uno Platinum Memory Pocket 1000

The Platinum Memory Pocket 1000 delivers a perfect night’s sleep. It has an anti-microbial treatment to ward off bacteria, fungus and dust mites. This keeps the mattress in the freshest-possible condition. It features 1,000 pocket springs and a layer of memory foam to help prevent stiffness and soreness. There’s also an added bonus: it doesn’t require turning.


Which? gave Casper an ‘Excellent’ rating in the Best Mattress 2019 Awards. It is a solid block of foams, including a layer of memory foam. These work together for complete comfort and total spinal alignment. It comes with a 10-year warranty and an open-cell top layer for added breathability and bounce. It is definitely one of the best memory foam mattress options.

Casper Essential

Boasting the signature Casper ‘just right’ feel, the Essential mattress is a two-layer design. It blends premium foam and contoured shaping for the ideal combination of support and comfort. The cover can withstand years of use.

OTTY Flex Memory Foam

This mattress has been competitively priced in line with a company-wide ethos of offering more people a good night’s sleep. It uses a proprietary foam called AirTech, an evolution of memory foam, to control body temperature, support and comfort.

Silentnight Mattress-Now

Memory foam at an affordable price, regardless of whether the Comfortable, 3-Zone or 7-Zone option is chosen. Arriving rolled and wrapped, each mattress is ready to buy and takes a few hours to spring into shape, ready for sleeping.

Pocket sprung mattresses


If you’re looking for firm back support, the Orion traditional pocket sprung mattress makes a great pick. With a choice of five base fabrics, it features 2013 pocket springs and a luxury knit fabric. Plus, it’s easy to care for with no turning required.

Hypnos Orthocare 6

The Orthocare range is constructed to offer firm, uncompromising support. Every pocket sprung mattress in the Orthocare 6 is designed with the sleeper in mind. Each one has six active turns for reactive support. This is complemented by naturally soft and breathable layers, including wool and fibre.

Uno Platinum Pocket 1000

A blend of expert craftmanship, premium materials and advanced technology adds up to the Uno Platinum Pocket 1000. High density foam and 1000 individual pocket springs ensure even distribution of weight. The anti-microbial treatment protects against bacteria, fungus and dust mites for stress-free slumber.

As you can see, even a relatively small budget can get you a mattress with great comfort and durability. But let’s move on to the next price bracket, which shows what a little more money can get you

£1,000 mattresses

Pocket sprung mattress lifestyle

A £750-£2,000 budget will see your mattress options open up significantly. Costlier production methods, increased support and better materials are usually the reason. The examples below are some of the best mattresses on the market in this price range.

Memory foam mattresses

Kaymed Therma-Phase+

Available in a range of sizes and specifications, the Therma-Phase+ is special. It combines pocket springs with a unique gel foam layey. This disperses body heat quickly and evenly thanks to copper-infused particles.

Kaymed V85

Offering superior pressure relief, the V85 comes in a variety of formats. These include hybrid pocket springs with an open-cell foam layer and solid foam blocks. You can therefore choose the best option for your personal requirements. More pliable than memory foam, the V85 material doesn’t rely on body heat to act responsively.

Tempur Cloud

All the expected benefits of a Tempur mattress are amplified here. The decadent layer of Tempur Extra Soft material cushions you to the point of total immersion. Medium support is still given, but with an added touch of luxury.

Tempur Original

This mattress is a classic offering from Tempur, focusing on providing medium support. Using a material that moulds to a sleeper’s body, this mattress ups the comfort factor to minimise disruptive sleep patterns. By eliminating pressure points, you will be less likely to toss and turn.

Tempur Sensation Supreme

The Sensation Supreme has multiple layers of Tempur material and a specific comfort section on top. As a result, this mattress commands a higher price in line with the extra comfort it offers. Support is provided by the Dynamic Support layer and the cover can be removed for easy washing.

Hybrid mattresses

Vispring mattress image

Casper Hybrid

This Hybrid is the most supportive option available from Casper. It pairs pocket springs with three layers of deep comfort foam and enhanced edge support. As a result, you get a firm yet bouncy and very comfortable surface. Support zones also evenly disperse firmer and softer springs where needed.

Dunlopillo Exceed

The Exceed hybrid mattress contains pocket springs for medium support. These are coupled with a thick layer of Dunlopillo latex for intensive muscle relief. A luxurious 27cm deep, it uses a Smart-edge support system for consistent support across the whole mattress.

Kaymed GelBreathe

When latex and gel come together, the result is an ultra-comfortable GelBreathe mattress. The responsive surface adapts to any movements, maintaining comfort levels. Concealed pocket springs add support where you need it and guarantee longevity.

Kaymed Therma-Phase Harmonise 2500

The Therma-Phase Harmonise is a high-density mattress containing copper and crystal particles. This means sleepers’ body heat is stored and recirculated when needed. A no-turn option that is hypoallergenic and anti-dust-mite, the pocket springs in this mattress ramp up the support levels.

Vivid 2000

A total of 2000 individually responsive pocket springs work together in the Vivid 2000. These evenly distribute body weight and deliver spinal support with a sumptuous medium/soft feel. It also comes with an engineered protection surround system (EPS) to maximise the sleeping surface area. This is completed with a quilted cover with microcapsule technology to surround you with the subtle scent of fresh linen.

Leesa Luxury Hybrid

The Luxury Hybrid is a pocket sprung mattress encased in ultra-comfortable premium foam. Breathability and pressure relief come from the foam. Meanwhile, the edge-to-edge support is uncompromising, thanks to the springs. It’s upholstered in a sleek contemporary style, too, for seamless bedroom integration.

Simba Hybrid

Some mattresses are too soft and squidgy. Others are too firm and bouncy. However, the Simba Hybrid offers the best of both worlds. It delivers excellent airflow, no motion transfer and the right level of support. Super-light mIQro springs make all the difference, too, creating cloud-like comfort.

Tempur Hybrid

This is the ideal blend of Precision micro-coil pocket springs and advanced Tempur comfort material. The Hybrid mattress creates a medium support sleeping zone that doesn’t skimp on sumptuous comfort.

Pocket sprung mattresses

Vispring mattress close up

Harrison Spinks Synergy

Synergy is an eco-friendly range of mattresses that doesn’t skimp on the luxury touches or comfort. Foam- and FR chemical-free, every mattress is crafted to offer the highest levels of support and cosiness. This is achieved thanks to the use of Cortec fine wire springs, while being totally recyclable at the end of its life.

Relyon Fishpools Handmade 2000

The Fishpools Handmade 2000 is a superior mattress notable for its unique design. This one offers medium tension thanks to the 2000 internal springs. It also includes an anti-allergenic layer and natural materials. These include cotton and lambs wool, for added softness and organic temperature control.

Fishpools 5000

The 5,000 individual pocketed springs in this mattress make light work of adjusting to the contours of a sleeper’s body. It is filled with cotton, wool and silk and wrapped in elegant Belgian damask. That means the outside is as attractive as the inside is technically accomplished. The Fishpools 5000 mattress is available in your choice of tension and size.

Relyon Natasha Superb

Relyon’s Natasha combines a single layer of pocketed springs with luxurious materials. This all adds up to superb softness and resilience. It’s crafted with lambs wool, cashmere, silk and superior quality cotton felt. Tailored finishes complete the Natasha for a mattress that looks like art and feels like heaven.

Relyon Clarissa Supreme

A double layer of independently pocketed springs allows for individual movement. These shape to the sleeper’s body and provide support exactly where they need it. You can also say goodbye to those cold winter nights, thanks to a layer of insulating lambs wool. This also facilitates the evaporation of body moisture.

Harrison Spinks Somnus

Sensa Intelligent pocketed springs are matched with home-grown filling and upholstery materials. This means the Somnus ensures that the craftsmanship is surpassed only by comfort. Perfect posture is maintained thanks to the layered construction. Plus, the springs themselves are housed in 100% plant-based pockets.

Hypnos Natural Comfort

Running through the centre of every Natural Comfort mattress is a layer of intelligent pocket springs. These adapt and react to your specific body shape and weight. Offering customised support, each mattress is filled with ethically sourced New Zealand wool.

Hypnos Origins

The Origins range is a sustainable and ethical offering from Hypnos. It focuses on providing the comfort and support that you’d expect from a quality retailer. Plus, there’s the added benefit of traceable natural materials. All wool used is 100% British and sourced from Red Tractor assured farms.

Hypnos Regal

Comprising the Signature and Elegance models, the Regal range provides new levels of opulence. Cashmere, mohair and silk are just some of the quality materials used in this collection. The sleeping surface also benefits from ReActive spring technology for optimum support.

Hypnos Regency

The Regency range has something for everyone. This collection boasts elegant mattresses traditionally handcrafted with pocket springs. As a result, you get excellent support from luxurious materials. The range includes the Hampton Sublime, which uses natural materials to regulate body temperature.

Hypnos Andante Pillowtop

Have you ever stayed in a Premier Inn hotel and had such a good night’s sleep that you wanted to take the bed home with you? Well, now you can! All of its beds come with Hypnos mattresses containing 1,000+ pocket springs, a cosy topper and a hypoallergenic cover.

Kaymed Mighty Bed

This is a firmer mattress that makes the most of deep layers of upholstery and reinforced pocket springs. The Mighty Bed mattress has been designed with heavy sleepers and a variety of shapes and sizes in mind. Comfort and support are equally important here.

Vispring Devonshire

Snuggly and responsive, the Devonshire comes finished in certified British wool. Of course, this includes Devonshire fleeces, hence the name. Resilient in the face of continual use and inviting to the touch, this mattress is undeniably luxurious. It will also last for years, making it one of the best pocket-sprung mattress choices.

Vispring Traditional Bed Frame Mattress

Made to order, this mattress puts you in control of the fabric cover choice, as well as overall tension. Crafted from luxury materials – and no fewer than 1,254 springs – this mattress is a generous 26cm deep, making it one you can sink into.

Vispring bed and mattress

Vispring Herald Superb

Indulge in unrivalled comfort with the extremely popular Vispring Herald Superb. Thousands of honeycombed six-coil springs are individually sewn into calico pockets. These are then formed by hand into a honeycomb-nested unit and upholstered with an exquisite blended filling. This includes British fleece wool, cotton, and long-stranded horsehair. Hand side-stitching and quality Belgian ticking showcases Vispring’s expert attention to detail.

Latex mattresses

Dunlopillo Diamond

With seven separate support zones, the Diamond mattress responds individually to different sleepers. The open cell latex used throughout the comfort core ensures full breathability. Plus, as the sleeper moves, the mattress is naturally ventilated.

Dunlopillo Millennium

A solid-block latex mattress, the Millennium has been designed to make life as easy and relaxing as possible. It needs no turning and offers softer support for shoulders, hips and heel, while your spine is given firmer support for optimum alignment.

Dunlopillo Millennium Plus

An extra-deep 100% latex mattress, the Millennium Plus is about all-out comfort. Medium support is still on offer, but it’s the elasticity of the surface that impresses the most. This delivers instant relief for your pressure points.

Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign

The Royal Sovereign is a lightweight yet responsive mattress. It offers medium support, thanks to the 100% pure Dunlopillo latex core. What’s more, it also needs no turning. The deep comfort core works with the mouldable surface layer to create a contoured surface for perfect sleep.

Pillow top mattresses

Harrison Spinks Somnus Alnwick Ortho

The Somnus Alnwick Ortho from Harrison Spinks is the pinnacle of luxury. Utilising Sensa Intelligent pocket springs and natural materials, it delivers optimal support. This is all wrapped up in a soft-feel quilted damask fabric with three rows of side stitching. It’s an unabashed indulgent mattress choice.

Hypnos pillowtop mattress

Hypnos Pillow Top Andante

Take industry-leading pocketed springs and add a sumptuously soft and cushioning integrated topper. What do you have? The Hypnos Pillow Top range. These mattresses uses patented 37.5 active technology to maintain optimum body temperature. Every mattress in the range, including the Hypnos Pillow Top Adante, blends the level of support you need with undeniable comfort.

These mid-range mattresses offer a lot for the price tag. As you can see, the technology used gets steadily more impressive as the cost increases.

£10,000 mattresses

Vispring Shetland mattress

We’ve reached the upper end of the mattress price range, from £2,000 up to £15,000. You might have now accepted that spending a little more may result in a great night’s sleep and improved health. If that’s the case, the following two examples in our guide to buying a mattress will give you an idea of what you can expect for your money.

Pocket sprung mattresses

John Ryan Artisan Sublime

The Artisan Sublime boasts more than 2,500 specially coated pocket springs. These are coupled with multiple layers of breathable plant-fibre materials. All this makes it a perfect example of the mattress available in this price range. Plus, it also has a 15-year guarantee. It comes in a huge array of sizes and tensions, and a soft layer of natural bamboo fibre gives the effect of a luxury topper without the need for extra layers.

Vispring Shetland Superb

Made to order, Vispring fill the Shetland Superb to the brim with Shetland and British wool sourced from 12 sheep – an entire flock! – to create the ultimate in comfort. The mattress features moisture and heat wicking properties to ensure a pleasurable night’s sleep. What’s more, thanks to a double layer of calico-pocketed springs, the support is absolutely perfect.

Read on if you’re wondering what more a mattress could possibly offer!

£75,000 mattresses

Really? A mattress that costs £75,000? Well, you get the whole bed for that price, but the mattress forms a big part of it. This is the most expensive mattress on the market currently, so what do you get for your investment?

Vispring outdoor image

Vispring Diamond Majesty

This is possibly the best king-size mattress available. The Diamond Majesty is lovingly crafted around a central triple layer of nested calico pocket springs. That works out to a gargantuan 3,861 in the king-size version. This results in a super-deep mattress filled with the finest materials. These include British wool, horsetail, Royal Alpaca and many other elite materials, all finished by hand. Multiple rows of side stitching, air vents and silky upholstery complete the most exclusive mattress of them all. Quite rightly, it’s a key element of the world’s most expensive bed.

Whichever pick from our mattress buying guide tempts you, there’s a right out there for you. Finding your ideal mattress means guaranteeing the best thing of all – the perfect night’s sleep.